Monday, 29 July 2013

The Serbian Food Festival

Trinity Hall
700 Fischer-Hallman Road
Kitchener, ON

In her opinion:
It is only recently that I experienced Serbian food (read the Veslo Family Restaurant post here) and what I had I liked. So, when I heard about the Serbian Food Festival, I was pretty excited about having more of this delicious cuisine.

Trinity Hall was packed with people of Serbian descent and other nationalities, all there to enjoy the food, culture and music. We stood in line right away to get our hands on the delicious food and waited about 20 minutes before being able to order. We ordered a small cevaps plate which came with five cevaps inside a flat bread with side salad. As well, we ordered the baked beans which also came with two dinner rolls and salad.

The cevaps were delicious. These little sausages are a guilty pleasure. So delicious. The flat bread is so so good. The cheese mixture that came with the cevaps was also delicious and added the right amount of flavour balance to this dish.

The baked beans were wonderful. They are cooked with pork and are so decadent and rich in flavour. I loved them and would be happy eating them everyday of my life. There I said it!

We also picked up two Serbian desserts on our way out. The Serbian custard slice (creme-pita) and a Serbian doughnut (krofne). Both were very good.

I would recommend this festival for anyone who like homey, delicious food. This is really good food and an excellent event.

Baked Beans


In his opinion:
I was extremely disappointed that we missed last year's Serbian Food Festival and after having such good experiences with Serbian food like the one we had at Veslo Family Restaurant in Kitchener, I promised myself that I wouldn't miss it this year.

Strategically, we had to juggle a couple of food events this day but in the end, those are "sacrifices" a food blogger needs to make, as hard as it may seem :)

We arrived at Trinity Hall to find out that we had really arrived at an European event, and that was just the parking situation. We were able to park and make our way up the small hill that leads to the church parking lot. Lots of Serbian Flags, Serbian people and a smell of good food greeted us as we made our way through the parking lot.

Looking around we found a "drink" tent that unfortunately was only serving Corona or Heineken. No Nicksicko Tamno or Pivo nor Jelen in sight. That ended up being the only disappointment of the event and I "made do" with a fine Heineken.

There were tents set up selling Serbian paraphernalia, flags, soccer jerseys and of course the Serbian Food Festival official t-shirts. There were many table set-up in the middle of the parking for the guest and these were always packed at all times with individuals enjoying food.

There were 2 main line ups for the food. The longest one was serving cevaps (seasoned mix of pork and pork mix), beef stew, sauerkraut and baked beans.  We opted for the cevaps and the baked beans. Those ended up being excellent, tasty options. The cevaps (mince meat) came in the form of 5 kebabs, very well seasoned and perfectly cooked. They sat on a flat bread, served with coleslaw and diced onions. They also gave us a mixture of cheeses that went well with the kebabs.

We also got the baked beans option (prebranac), served with 2 dinner buns and a choice of salad. The baked beans were outstanding, the highlight of the meal. Served with pieces of pork ribs and bacon in the mix, the baked beans were very soft, full of flavour and perfectly brown. I so wanted to try the "Spit Roasted Pork" served on the other tent but it only came in a 1 lbs option and we still had to try the desserts.

For dessert, we had krofne (Serbian soft doughnut) and a Serbian custard slice. This Serbian custard (kreme-pita) was heavenly and can only be described as a puff pastry with a very tasty egg custard cream. It was divine.

Overall, I was very happy to attend this event with good food, good people and a very nice venue as host. The number of non-Serbians attending was still low overall but that should change quickly as this is food that everyone should experience and enjoy! 

PRIJATNO! (Bon Appetite)

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