Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Cafe 13 Main Street Grill

13 Main Street
Cambridge, On


In her opinion:
Chef Michael Boyd recently made contact with us on Twitter having just discovered our blog. He told us how he thought this blog was great (thanks Chef Boyd) and recommended that we come down to Cafe 13 to see him sometime.  So we decided to do just that. We went for lunch on a Sunday afternoon. The restaurant was not full...this seems like the perfect time to go for brunch/lunch in this city.

Our waitress, Kendra was great. Very attentive and came right over to take our drink orders and tell us about the daily specials.

After checking their lunch menu carefully, I ordered the soup of the day to start. It was the "Red lentil and ham hock". 

The soup was very good. It was served with a lovely slice of toasted garlic bread. The ham hock added the perfect amount of smokiness and saltiness to the dish. It was creamy and flavourful. An excellent way to fight the winter temperatures. 

For my main, I was in the mood for chicken wings. I really wanted crispy fried chicken but since there was none around, I opted for the next best thing...chicken wings. Cafe 13's wings come in your choice of dry rub or wet sauce. I picked the medium sauce since it's most reminiscent of Buffalo wings. It was served with house made blue cheese dressing (this version was packed with chunks of blue cheese which I absolutely loved) and veggies (the obligatory carrot and celery sticks). 

The wings tasted great...finger licking goodness. They were crispy and tender. The sauce had the right amount of heat and when dipped in the blue cheese dressing...it was wing perfection! And if you have nothing better to do on a Tuesday...you can get a pint of Flying Monkeys beer and half a kilo of wings for $10.99 (that's the cost of the wings by themselves on any other day).

Cafe 13 is a great place for lunch or dinner. It is an old staple in downtown Galt and I can really see why. We'll be back.

In his opinion:
Walking into Cafe 13 Main Street is like re-visiting an old friend to me. I spent many Thursday nights glued to that front bar with friends, reminiscing of days gone by and enjoying gold fish crackers (wonder if they still have those). Later in my life I also spent many good nights at the restaurant itself having fabulous food.

I find it strange that I had not been there in a while but was glad that Chef Michael Boyd had found our blog, liked it and recommended that we drop by sometime. Coincidentally we had just discussed going there the day before and had mentioned that it had been a while since we were there, so...the next day we took the plunge.

Inside there is still the same "old world" feel, lots of wood and a good mix of English pub meets old French bistro. The staff were very pleasant as I remembered and were engaging and knowledgeable. Our waitress, Kendra was especially wonderful and a great resource for all of our foodie questions

The menu felt "familiar". Lots of good options but needing some infusion of some specials, new dishes to set it aside. We hope the owners are collaborating with Chef Michael to introduce some new excitement to the menu.

It was lunch time on a Sunday so I was happy to be informed that they were serving eggs Benedict as their Sunday special. That was all I had to hear. Well made eggs Benedict are actually hard to find, believe me I have had my share of "pre-packaged" versions of this dish, but I was intrigued to try these.

I was pleasantly impressed with the eggs Benedict that were served to me. Everything was fresh, the English muffins were the right thickness and tasted great. The eggs were perfectly done, creamy as the yoke was broken with the perfect consistency. The part of the dish that really set this dish apart was the cured meat that sat between the bread and the egg. 

At first I thought it was smoked peameal bacon but was informed by Chef Michael that it is actually Berkshire Pork Canadian Bacon from Keystone Farm that is apple brined in house for a week then smoked. It was the best pork I have ever had in any eggs Benedict I have ever had. Absolutely elevates the dish to new heights and alone is a good reason enough to order this dish.

I missed Chef Michael as this was his day off but I was left with the craving to try many more of his dishes and to return to a place that once upon a time was almost like home. I will be back soon.

The Good: Great food executed well and fresh ingredients all around. Great staff and a welcoming ambiance make for a good experience.
The Bad: Not a lot to report but the menu needs some tweaking.
The Verdict: I was extremely happy that Cafe 13 has not lost its charm and ambiance since the last time I was there. My tasting of dishes was limited this time but all I tried (Julie's food included) make me want to try more so it can only mean that the food has even improved. We will be back ; )

I give it 3 1/2 out of 5 Olives as rating

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Monday, 25 February 2013

Papou's Place Subs and Ice Cream

73 Cedar Street
Cambridge, On

Photo property of Papou's Place Facebook Page

In her opinion:
There are times that we are stuck and just don't know what we want to eat. This was one of those times. I was unsure what I wanted and so was Edgar. Out of nowhere I remembered that there was a new place that had opened up on our side of town. Papou's Place on the corner of Cedar Street and St. Andrews.

I looked up their menu online and noted that this place had an extensive sub menu, ice cream and a few pita choices. We decided what we wanted and I went to pick up supper.

Photo Property of Papou's Place
This is a very nice little spot. It is brand new and very clean. I spoke to the owner. She told me that her family had owned the business for a few years and that papou means grandpa in Greek. Apparently, it was started by a retired grandfather who wanted to do something into his golden years, so he started Papou's Place. They eventually bought the business from him. Papou's Place has two locations, one in West Galt and one in Hespeler

So for my meal I picked an assorted sub. Boring you say...no...this was a retro delight.

I had a 12 inch white. With the usual assortment of luncheon meat, ham and cheese. I kept it old school and topped it with just a little lettuce, onion and tomato. It was finished with salt,pepper and sub sauce. I nuked it for 30 seconds when I got home just to add to the retro-ness of the whole thing...it brought me back to my youth! No, seriously.

The sub tasted great. The bread was super fresh with the right amount of softness. The meat was a perfect blend and the cheese melted just right when microwaved. The toppings were fresh and everything worked together to create a great sub.

Papou's place is close to home and has very tasty food. It will be a great place to stop for ice cream in the summer.

In his opinion:
So sometimes when you dont't know what to have for dinner is when you juggle your memory and new untested waters come to mind. This was the case of Papou's Place. Suggestions were made, a total of 3 seconds were spent on deliberation and decisions were made. Sounds like choosing what socks to wear but it actually works when you are hungry.

I opted for a "Chicken Bacon and Tzatziki Pita". First of all, how can you go wrong with that combination and besides, the pita craving was at a high at this point.

What I got was somehow surprising, but for the good. I truly expected a "run of the mill" pita with a usual store bought super flat shell and maybe some pre-packaged items, microwaved to give the illusion of hot and fresh. What I actually got was  a very good tasting pita, with a traditional homemade pita bread, tasty strips of real chicken, fresh toppings and what tasted like homemade Tzatziki sauce.

The taste was all there, good size and just down the street form my house. Have we discovered a new supply to our subs and pita orders that doesn't involve the pre-packaged items of the franchised places? Well...I'm unsure but willing to give it a good try.

The Good: Fresh and tasty are the main ingredients, how can you go wrong?
The Bad: Limited menu overall but great sub selection
The Verdict: They deliver, they serve party size orders, they are very personable and top it all with good traditional type food (subs and pitas that is). I think it's a winning combination. 

I give it 2 1/2 out of 5 Olives as a rating.

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Sunday, 24 February 2013

Frat Burger

247 King Street North
Waterloo, ON


In her opinion:
My other half suggested Frat Burger...I was convinced that we should try someplace else...more refined perhaps and little prettier...but that gnawing hunger that surfaces at the mention of a good burger surfaced and eventually won. 

"What is she going on about?" I'm sure you've already said that...well, I wanted Cafe 22 but Frat Burger won instead because I love a really good burger and after checking out their website...and seeing pictures of what I figured were really delicious looking burgers...we drove there...quickly.

Frat Burger is in one of my favourite strip malls in Waterloo...after all, my favourite shawarma place is here. So it's not surprising that they would also have the best burgers in Waterloo Region! Yup, I said it...the best and I mean the best burgers in our entire region. Think juicy, flavourful burgers cooked to a perfect medium (that is how a burger should be enjoyed) topped with what you want! 

When we arrived the place was kind of empty but filled up during our visit. We were seated right away. Our server was very efficient and friendly. She took our drink orders right away. I decided to have a chocolate malted milk shake.

It was absolutely delectable. Thick and delicious. I loved it...such a treat!

I then looked through their extensive menu. After checking out their amazing selection of toppings, I picked a beef burger (4oz.) topped with aioli mayo, tomato, red onion, Canadian cheddar and local strip bacon. We also ordered a huge poutine. Made with Quebec Bromont cheese curds and their homemade gravy.

The burger was a beautiful creature served with a side pickle spear. It comes on a soft burger bun...just like I love it. It tasted absolutely delicious. Juicy and full of good beef flavour. It was so good...I will definitely return for more of their burgers...I don't have to drive to Toronto for an exceptional burger anymore!

The poutine was excellent...it had real cheese curds (the kind I like that actually melt) and a very flavourful gravy. Just excellent. We ordered the huge size because we were expecting a smaller portion. This was really delicious and a very very generous portion.

Overall, I was thrilled with Frat Burger...our server was great, the food was amazing...we will definitely go back...I recommend this place to anyone who loves burgers.

In his opinion:
Usually I don't have such a hard time to convince someone to try a good burger place but somehow this time was harder than usual. I had heard good things about Frat Burger and wanted to try it for myself. The menu that I had browsed online looked awesome with plenty of choices and some specials that peaked my curiosity. There were even vegetarian choices for the faint at heart...

After driving by so many times wanting to go in, I finally walked through the doors and was pleasantly surprised. The rooms are eclectically decorated with shiny vinyl chairs and posters of classic films on the wall. It does have a feel of a burger joint but with a bit more panache. There is a big bar in the back left and an open large window into the kitchen in the front. The addition of stools beside the glass front wall was a nice touch as well.

The menu carries a great selection of milk shakes, juices, cider, wine, beers and liqueurs. There are two main beef burgers (second is an extra patty) as well as a turkey burger and a lamb burger. Also a good selection of poutines, pulled pork and a great selection of toppings for the burgers. 
To start we ordered the "huge" poutine and let me tell you it was huge. I couldn't even finish it and I have a good appetite. It was also very good with gooey melted cheese curds and a gently spicy gravy covering the fresh cut fries.

I ended up ordering the Sunday special burger which was "the Hangover" burger. This Sunday special burger has bacon, peameal, a fried egg and American cheese. The patties are to die for, soft, cooked medium just like I love it and melting in your mouth as you bite them. The combination of the toppings are brilliant and even thought I was not curing a hangover that morning, I could see how it can help with that effect. Burgers are served with a pickle slice.

The meal was good and I was pretty full when I was done. Too full to even finish the "huge" portion of poutine ordered as an appetizer. Food was good, the staff was very friendly and our waitress was super nice and attentive, a fellow foodie as I discovered.

The Good: No nonsense burger place with great tasting burgers, poutines and friendly staff.
The Bad: Not much to report, pity it is not near my house...
The Verdict: Cant say it's the best burger I have ever had, even in the Region but it's up there for sure. It is absolutely a must try if you don't spend your every hour counting calories and if you like some good burgers and poutines. The university crowd from down the road must stick to this place as honey on bees and I don't blame them one bit.

I give it a 3 1/2 olives out of 5 as rating

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Monday, 18 February 2013


2980 King Street East
Kitchener, Ontario


Photo property of the Record.com.

In her opinion:
Brunch is my favourite meal of the week...I've been reading that a lot lately...I would agree...except, I don't have Sunday brunch every week. It's an occasional treat. A special for no reason type of meal to make a long winter much more bearable. So after Mass, what is better then Martini's for brunch...not much.

We were fairly early and basically had no problem getting a table...basically we can the restaurant to ourselves for a while until the after church crowd started to arrive.

I ordered a much needed coffee...free-trade organic coffee which tasted absolutely amazing. We then checked out their brunch menu.

After carefully reviewing the menu, I decided on the "Steak and Eggs". It is described on the menu as "a 6oz. Flat iron steak, russet homefries, caramelized onions, poached eggs and hollandaise."

I wasn't sure when I ordered this dish...you see their sister restaurant, Bauer Kitchen has a very similar dish. In fact, I had ordered it last time I had brunch there...so I was concerned that it would be the same dish...but it wasn't. Martini's has caramelized onions and hollandaise sauce. BK has confit mushrooms and bernaise sauce. Both are equally delicious. This was an excellent take on steak and eggs. Absolutely delicious. Well balanced and full of flavour.

It seems impossible that I would have room for dessert but after such and amazing meal...but there's always a little room for dessert. And today would be no exception. After checking out their dessert menu, we decided on two to share...one from the regular dessert menu...the "Triple Layer Pecan Carrot Cake". Described on the menu as "brown sugar cream cheese frosting, candied pecans, ginger cookie and spicy ginger sorbet". The other was from their "small indulgence menu" - their "Oatmeal Coconut Custard Slice" served with "house-churned vanilla bean ice-cream". But since I basically had the carrot cake...that is what I'll focus on...I will say that for $2.75 the Oatmeal Coconut Custard Slice is absolutely amazing.

This cake was so so good. The cream cheese frosting was perfection. I really enjoyed it...it was extremely refined for a carrot cake! It tasted amazing. The spicy ginger sorbet was very spicy and the ginger cookie was so delicious. Carrot cake is one of my favourite desserts and this one did not disappoint.

Overall, this was an excellent brunch. The menu offers a lot of choice. Martini's is one of the original jewels in the Charcoal Group's lineup and it continues to be a winner. Just a great place with great food and service.

In his opinion:
There was a time when brunch buffet at Martini's/Charcoal Steakhouse used to be a weekly event for me. Without dating myself, let's just say that it was a while ago. Fast forward a "few" years and we have an equally appetizing brunch but this time on a la carte.

We arrived early to an empty restaurant that soon would be filled with the crowd that likes their brunch slightly later. Serving staff was extremely pleasant and welcomed us graciously. Without knowing if my brunch meal would be more breakfast or more lunch, I opted for coffee since I had skipped my usual Starbucks run. The coffee was very good and helped open the appetite.

I then decided that my brunch dish was going to be more lunch and opted for the "Steak Frites". It consisted of Perth County medium cooked bavette steak, Yukon fries, charred onion & tomato relish and five herb butter. I opted for the larger 9oz portion and I'm glad I did. The steak came cut in slices, perfectly cooked and of a top quality cut of beef. The Yukon freshly cut fries were delicious and lightly seasoned.

For dessert I chose the Oatmeal Custard Slice. This dessert is only $2.75 and coming from the "small indulgence menu",  I expected a "bite" that would quickly depart into my mouth as fast as it was served on the table. Instead, I was served a full size dessert and a very tasty one at that. The Oatmeal Custard Slice was soft, chewy and very full of flavour. It was served with house churned vanilla bean ice cream and whip cream. Deal of the week type dessert...

The Good: Good food with generous portions and friendly staff.
The Bad: Too many restaurants owned by the Charcoal group to be able to visit them frequently, okay so maybe not such a bad thing.
The Verdict: Martini's still has it in the brunch department. It may not be buffet like in the ol' days but a good selection and great service makes the visit worth it.

I gave it 3 1/2 out of 5 Olives as rating

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Saturday, 16 February 2013


88 Harbord Street
Toronto, Ontario


In her opinion:
This was our first visit to Splendido but I certainly hope that it's not our last! This was the first year that Splendido participated in Winterlicious and many in the food world including Toronto Life magazine said "go and book it now - don't even think about it"...that's what we did. I was really excited when I perused their Winterlicious menu online; however, it was completely different when we got there. That was fine with me...

We were shown to our table right away. Our waiter, Kurt was extremely polite and attentive. I must say that I was very impressed with the staff's uniform! Can't go wrong with dark jeans and shirt, tie and vests for the guys and dark jeans and a lovely lace top for the ladies. I thought it was the best waiter uniform I have seen anywhere...it was extemely hip and forward thinking...much like the restaurant itself.

I started with a glass of J. Bouchon Sauvignon Blanc, 2011. This was delightful! An excellent wine from Chile. It was so good that I want to find it at the LCBO. Kurt also brought some very good bread and butter for us to nibble on while we waited for our food.

For my appetizer, I ordered the "Porchetta". It was served with a gribiche sauce and a parsley salad.

This was lovely. It was so flavourful. This dish combined different textures and flavours on one plate.  The porchetta itself was perfection. It was served at room temperature over top of an extremely delicious gribiche sauce (egg, parsley, capers and tarragon working in unison). The parsley salad was a mixture of pickled onion, parsley and radishes. It was refreshing. It added the right amount of lightness to the dish. The whole thing was topped with a crispy pork rind. I enjoyed my appetizer very much.

For my main, I ordered the "Atlantic Salmon". It was served with smoked aubergine, Korean fried rice cake and black bean. Splendido also offered a choice of three sides for $5 dollars a piece. We ordered "Polenta" which was served with beef jus and chives.

I want to state that this is the best salmon dish I have ever eaten in my entire life. The flavour of the black beans, smoked aubergine (eggplant) and cilantro elevated the perfectly cooked salmon to a whole new level. I enjoyed the Korean fried rice cake very much...I wasn't sure what to expect but it worked beautifully with the whole dish. The polenta was exceptionally delicious...the flavour from the jus was wonderful.

For dessert, I ordered "Chocolate and Chili". It was described on the menu as "pound cake and lime jalapeno sorbet".

This was a flavour explosion in my mouth! Smoked chocolate, creamy chocolate, crunchy chocolate brittle, with a surprising lime jalapeno sorbet to make you go wow! I was thoroughly impressed with this dessert.

Splendido is outstanding. It is a great place for dinner. I'm glad I got to try it and plan on returning a few more times.

In his opinion:

I must admit that I have absolutely no idea how Splendido has evaded our pallets for so many years. It comes up in many of our conversations, it is mentioned extensively in some of our favourite publications like Toronto Life and has enjoyed the status of one of the top restaurants in Toronto for years. When we found out that it would be part of this year's Winterlicious, it seemed the perfect time to make all of that history and have a chance to experience this lovely restaurant.

Recently, owners Carlo Cattalo and Victor Barry completed a very light make over of this space, improving already on something that was extraordinary and showing that they're are not the type of restaurateurs that rest on their laurels. The space displays a flawless combination of sophistication, soft ambiance and a warm inviting feel.

Lately, when Splendido comes to mind, the word truffles is usually associated with it, given the insane amount of dishes that they carry that have those "food diamonds" in them one way or the other. The big question was, will truffles make it to the relatively inexpensive "prix fix" menu during Winterlicious? The answer was yes, but more about that later.

The staff is tremendously friendly, knowledgeable and sport some of the coolest looks in any restaurant in the city, and even of any restaurants I have visited world wide. The combination of dark Levi's with a white shirt, tie and vest for the men is a reflection of the style of the restaurant. Elegance, sophistication with a casual feel is a look that is displayed throughout.

Our waiter Kurt, which happens to have lived in our hometown in the past was extremely courteous, knowledgeable and certainly added in full to the experience that we had at Splendido. Wine orders, bread and food were delivered to the table in perfect timing and in a almost choreographed way.

For a starter, I opted for the star dish of the menu, the "Truffle Scrambled Eggs" served with forestier garnish. For food lovers, the words scrambled eggs and truffles together needs no explanation. Well, actually truffles with anything needs hardly an explanation. For those of you that the word truffles makes you think of chocolates, let me briefly explain that truffles, are a subterranean mushroom that is used in haute cuisine all over the world, adds flavour and enhances the taste of almost any dish. They are extremely expensive, rare and need to be utilized quickly or their "charm" (potency) will dwindle with time.

These were without a doubt the best scrambled eggs I have ever had in my life. Sure it helps having a generous amount of shaved truffle all over them but the eggs themselves were done to perfection. It was one of those dishes that you savour and take time in between bites to reflect and also hope that it never ends. This comes close to one the best dish I have ever had, period.

For an entree, I picked one of my favourite French dishes "Duck Confit'. Although, it wasn't being served in its usual shape or form, this was still Duck Confit but "Presse", literally meaning pressed. It was served in a perfect rectangular shape and you didn't have to worry about picking around the bones. It was delicious, with the strong taste of savoury confit and was the first time I had it that way. This dish was served with plum, sweet and sour turnip and jus sanguin. Delectable...

We also ordered the "Polenta with Beef Jus and Chives" side that was a suggested side on the menu for an additional $5. It was creamy, full of flavour and well worth the addition.

For dessert, I opted for the "Prune Plum, Brown Butter Gateau" served with Caramel Ice Cream on top. This was delicious and a great compliment to the two previous dishes. My espresso, however; was disappointing (as usual). Flavourful but weak... and my quest for a great espresso continues...

The Good: Amazing food, excellent service and a great dining experience.
The Bad: Menu was not the one advertised and some people got white truffles and I didn't :(
The Verdict: Top restaurant that focuses on details, extremely creative cuisine and a staff to match. It is no wonder that this restaurant has received the awards that it has, but also sets a standard that I'm sure other restaurants try to emulate. The creativity and simplicity of the dishes are refreshing and I was truly impressed. We shall return promptly...

I give it 4 1/2 out of 5 olives as rating

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Sunday, 10 February 2013


47 Dickson Street
Cambridge, ON


In her opinion:
I told Edgar I would start this post with this message..."the grumpy old man is gone"! If you ever ate at the Golden Kiwi Pub in downtown Cambridge then you know exactly what I'm talking about...if you haven't then I will leave it at that!  It's not the Golden Kiwi Pub anymore...it's simply the Kiwi! It has recently (1 1/2 years ago) been bought by two gentlemen with roots in Cambridge (Galt actually) with a dream of owning their own place. They are slowly renovating the old space and freshening it up.  This includes a new menu.

We visited on a Sunday. It was just after noon and the place was empty. We were greeted by a lovely young lady who took our order and actually took the time to talk to us about the owners, the new format, menu and whether or not there has been any groans about a missing menu item (I'll explain later on)!

We decided to order an appetizer to share, a main each and a dessert to share. That way we would be able to explore more of the menu. To start we ordered a poutine. It is described on the menu as "house made beef gravy ladled over fresh mozzarella curds and crispy fries".

This was really delicious. I was a little peeved that the cheese curds were not melting but the beef gravy that they ladled over the fries and cheese curds is unbelievably delicious and helped me forget what I was peeved at! Overall, I really good poutine. 

For my main, I felt like fish and chips...probably because I had been eating fish all weekend long. It is described on their menu as "beer battered and fried golden served with tartar sauce and fresh cut fries".

This was not the best fish main of the weekend but I will say it was very decent fish and chips. The order came with two large pieces of fish (I don't know what type it was as it was not mentioned on the menu). It was good not great but good. The the fries were really good. It was a good lunch choice. I should have ordered a beer and that would have complimented the dish perfectly. It was a big enough portion that I couldn't finish it...and of course, I wanted to leave room for dessert.

For dessert we ordered, Brownie Battle. It is described on the menu as "a battle of desserts: a warm chocolate brownie versus a brown sugar and butterscotch blondie, garnished with vanilla ice cream and Grand Marnier caramel".

This was the best part of the meal. I love dessert! But I must be honest...this dessert was exceptional. Nothing fancy...brownies, blondies, ice cream and caramel sauce working together to create an amazing culinary experience.

I like the new Kiwi...it's a great place to grab a drink with friends, a nice lunch with the family or watch the game on their big screen televisions. But, I need to get this off my chest...the nacho platter is very much missed (the missing menu item!) and should be revived...just saying!

In his opinion:
I have great memories of the former incarnation of this place. After beach volleyball on Thursday nights, this was our little hangout. Also a great lunch or dinner place when looking for some old favourites and some off the beaten path New Zealand specials.

It is now just KIWI, and I like the changes. The renovation look amazing and has made the place lighter, brighter and more appealing. The same great bar is still there but oozes sophistication compared to the old one. It is new and improved in many ways, including ownership.

This was really just a quick lunch and a chance to finally try the new menu, well new for us since they have been renovated for over a year. A food blogger's life is never dull or lacking in opportunity. There are way more restaurants then time or money and it is serious work to balance all of it.  

The staff of one working that day was very pleasant to us and reminded me of the old manager that was so attentive and friendly as well, unlike the previous owner that never smiled once in the dozens of times we had been there. Maybe it was a condition he had...I'll give him the benefit of the doubt I suppose, but it probably wasn't.

I shared the big plate of poutine and even though the cheese curds were not melted enough as per Montreal standards, the gravy was simply outstanding, and the fries weren't too shabby. Too shabby is a legitimate food adjective right? Well...let's go with that anyway.

For my main, I had the "Pesto Grilled Chicken" in a panini bread. It comes topped with red peppers, Monterey Jack cheese and you also have the choice of having it as a wrap. It was delicious. The mixed greens salad was fresh and a good portion as well...the blue cheese dressing (my favourite) was the perfect topping for that healthy bowl.

For dessert, I again shared a dish and it was a true explosion of flavours. Warm chocolate brownie, blondie versus chocolate...really.....just like it sounds. Topped with grand Marnier caramel...oh yes...and if that wasn't enough, let's throw a scoop of vanilla Ice cream and fresh berries.
Worth the trip just for that dessert itself.

The Good: Friendly staff, good food and still the same charm welcomes you at the KIWI.

The Bad: A little empty for a Sunday lunch, hopefully it was because it was Superbowl Sunday, I would hate to see this place not do well.
The Verdict: Still a great spot in Downtown Galt, improved I must add. The versatility of a great place for a drink, patio in the Summer, front room, back room and even the second lounge bar/area, gives you infinite choices to enjoy.

I give it 3 1/2 out of 5 Olives as rating

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