Sunday, 29 April 2012

Symposium Cafe - Cambridge

Symposium Cafe
500 Can-Amera Parkway
Cambridge, Ontario


In her opinion:

Well, we've found another place for breakfast in our hometown. Our friends picked it as a breakfast spot for today and I'm glad they did! Symposium Cafe is part of a chain with locations in Kitchener, London, Guelph, Brantford, Hamilton and Cambridge. Symposium Cafe on Can-Amera Parkway has a very decent breakfast menu to pick from.

The restaurant's decor has a bit of an identity crisis going it a Roman eatery? or is it sports bar? or Aunt Sophie's parlor? But whatever it chooses to be one thing is for sure the menu is good old fashioned Canadian/American cuisine with some European influences.  Their breakfast menu has the classics we all love in a three egg format.  The omelettes are three egg, the regular breakfast dishes such as eggs and bacon consists of three eggs and bacon and their benedicts also consist of three poached eggs.

Is it a Roman eatery?

Is it a sports bar?

Or is it Aunt Sophie's parlor?

I ordered the "Eggs Benjamin".  This was described on the menu as a toasted English muffin topped with smoked salmon, three poached eggs, red onion and crowned with Hollandaise sauce.  It was served with breakfast potatoes.

I really enjoyed my breakfast.  The eggs were a little harder then I normally like but everything else was just perfect.  The Hollandaise sauce was very good.

I will definitely return to Symposium Cafe for breakfast.  I would also like to try other menu items served at lunch or dinner. Well, I did actually get to try their dessert menu today.  Having heard how excellent their chocolate cake was and since my son was taking his time with  eating his breakfast, we ordered a slice of cake to share among the seven of us.  After much deliberation we decided on the Sky High - a brownie, cheesecake creation with chocolate mousse on top.  Actually only five of us tried it (due to non-interest and nut allergies), but we all liked it very much.  We also discovered that on Sundays it's 2 for 1 cake we got a slice of Carrot Cake to take home for free.  I will say that it is so good!

Give Symposium Cafe a try...I think you'll like it.

In his opinion:
Symposium-(definition) "A convivial meeting for music, meeting and intellectual discussion among the ancient Greeks". Well that explains a bit but actually confuses things even more. Well..let me start from the beginning!

This popular restaurant chain is quickly popping up everywhere like teenage boys with Bieber hair. Okay maybe not quite that many...but I'm actually glad one popped up in my home town so I could try it without much of a drive. The décor...what can I say about it? It's actually nice but extremely confusing. There is massive sized art by Italian painters, wine plaques from France's wine country and an actual "Sports Bar"! Anyway, I'm a food blogger and not an interior decorator, so I will leave the remarks about the décor to... nice but confusing, giving you the option of casual or more formal setting depending where you sit. Inviting nevertheless.

Having my eyes wonder back to the menu, I noticed how extensive it actually is. This day, I was there for breakfast and didn't let myself stray too far from the back cover of the menu (the breakfast page)

I finally opted for the "Eggs Benedict" as my meal. The coffee was flowing, (actually not bad coffee by the way) and the oversized chairs make for a comfortable stay and was conducive to our chatting. The service was good and  our waitress Ashley was very attentive and engaging, making the whole experience even better.

The "Eggs Benedict" were very good. The Hollandaise sauce was just right and I particularly liked the type of Peameal Bacon used, it felt just perfect and somewhat crunchy, a great contrast to the softness of  the poached eggs and the freshness of the toasted English muffins. This is a great choice for Benedict lovers.

Having heard so much about Symposium's desserts and in particular, their cakes, we ordered the "Carrot Cake" and the "Sky High" (a hybrid of chocolate cheesecake and a brownie). Both cake slices were huge and could probably feed an entire family in Africa. The carrot cake was soft, moist and extremely fresh. The addition of fruit in the mix added to the texture and taste. The "Sky High" is part cheesecake and part brownie but all good. It is decadent in chocolate and well worth the calories that may or nor be attached to this hunk of chocolate goodness. It is worthy to point out that Sunday is 2 for 1 cake slices, well worth the wait even if the cravings appear mid-week. There are specials everyday and they are very well displayed on their site.

The Good: Good food, good prices and good service (kudos to Ashley).
The Bad: Decorations do throw you off a bit but maybe just at first glance.
The Verdict: A good alternative for breakfast but surely we will try lunch and dinner soon. Unpretentious food in a casual atmosphere, and an inviting welcome to our somewhat dull breakfast choices in town.

I give it a 3 Olives our of 5 as a rating

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Thursday, 26 April 2012

Fuel House

The Fuel House
53 Clinton Street
Toronto, ON


In her opinion:
The first time I walked by the Fuel House restaurant on our way to dinner at Acadia, I knew I wanted to eat there. It didn't look fancy, it didn't look super upscale, what it did look was welcoming.  It looked like the type of casual neighbourhood spot that is cozy and fun with that promise of good food.

Having spent a foodie day in Toronto, we wanted to finish our day with lighter fare and Fuel House's sandwich heavy menu was perfect. Owner Mackenzie sat us and took care of our orders. What a super nice guy. He complements this casual and cozy place perfectly by making you feel right at home in his house.

I ordered a pint of Beau's to start.  This beer is excellent.  It was the first time I had it and I really enjoyed it.  We ordered a couple of appetizers/snacks to begin.  The "Pork Belly Confit Cubes" and "Fried Calamari" were our picks. The pork belly was served with a hoisin sesame sauce.  The calamari was served with a remoulade sauce.  The pork belly was delicious and the addition of the sauce added the right amount of sweetness.  The calamari was ethereal. Not the least bit greasy. Light and delicious.

As my main, I ordered the "Calamari Po'Boy" - fried calamari, pickled onions and remoulade. It is served with a side of coleslaw.

I thought this sandwich was outstanding.  The bun was perfect. The calamari is the same ethereal perfection as the appetizer. The sauce is an excellent balance of flavours.  Finally, the pickled onions add the right amount of crunch and sourness.  I haven't had such a good sandwich in a long while. Even the coleslaw was good.

My only regret about the experience was the fact that we had no room for dessert. But, I hope to be back to this awesome place and enjoy more of their menu including their dessert menu.

In his opinion:
Fuel House is the type of place I wish I had near my house so I could kill my cravings of good drinks and great food in one place. It's where inviting meets Irish Pub and good bistro food, all in a casual setting. It's almost like going to a friend's house for amazing food and drinks. 

From the outside it looks like any other converted Victorian home but the owners have meticulously maintained that "at home feel" throughout the place. The owner Mackenzie is very helpful, engaging and quickly made us feel at home by taking immediate care of our drink and food needs.

I started off with a Stella Artois beer while I perused the small but very inviting menu. It is heavy on the sandwiches but every item looked great, so decision time got harder as I read on. 

Finally, because we were still full from lunch and the Pie Shack mid-afternoon snack, we could not try as much of the menu as I originally anticipated. I saw it as a way to come back  to Fuel House again soon (always glass full here).

I began with the Pork Belly Confit Cubes, served with  sesame hoisin sauce. I personally love pork belly anyway I can get it but this one was extremely good. The Chinese sauce Hoisin (Haixin) that oddly enough translates to "seafood" but contains no fish, is a great pairing to the confit. Not traditionally used in pork, hoisin works very well with this dish and kudos to the chef for trying it. 

Along with that we ordered the "Fried Calamari". Golden, not overly crispy and softly battered (just how I like it), it was complimented well by a pinkish Remoulade sauce. Remoulade is a common theme throughout quite a few dishes on the menu. The calamari was soft and very tasty on it's on as well.

We followed up with the "Fish Tacos 2 ways". These are served on a soft but crispy tortilla and with remoulade, pickled onions, lettuce and cilantro on one and the other with pea sprouts, pickled ginger and wasabi mayo. I prefered the first myself but would be happy eating either, any time of the day.

The "Calimari Po'Boy" sandwich was the last choice for the evening and it  was very good. The type that sometimes you can't even describe and one needs to experience for themselves. The coleslaw gets a special mention due to its subtle flavour and lightness of the vinegar.

This place has a lot of charm and is very cosy and inviting. During the warmer months, the backyard patio surely must take centre stage, adding to the seating capacity and providing a great backdrop to an afternoon/evening of drinks and good food. 

Let us not forget that Fuel House has a lot of competition for good food in this street and neighbourhood but stands very well on its own, as a definite must try.

Special mention to the pig roasts starting in May. Mackenzie showed us the pictures from last year's pig roasts held in the outside patio and I wanted to make my reservation right there and then. It requires a minimum reservation for 8 people and a whole suckling pig is roasted and served to your open air table. Whereelse can you get this type of experience in TO's down town core? So, go make your reservations now, while you still can. 

The Good: Unpretentious good food in a home setting with a pub feel. Simple but genial combination.
The Bad: Why isn't it across the street form my house. Limited seating inside.
The Verdict: Definitely above the usual pub food grub and a great place for drinks. The service enhances the great atmosphere and there is a patio both in the front and the back for the great Summer days and nights

I give it a 3 1/2 Olives out of 5 as rating

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Monday, 23 April 2012

The Pie Shack

The Pie Shack
2305 Queen Street East
Toronto, Ontario


In her opinion:
It's been a while since I've instantly fallen in love with a place. Well, it happened today (April 21, 2012). As soon as we drove by the Pie Shack, I was instantly intrigued. My brain and stomach instantly reacted. They wanted pie! Actually, they wanted apple pie and a cup of coffee.  

We parked and walked in to pie heaven and were greeted by the owner Tim McConvey.  A very nice gentleman who is both charming and personable all in one. He welcomed us to his very cozy establishment and made us feel right at home.  During our time at the Pie Shack I realized that most of the people in the place were regulars.  Tim knew everyone by their first name.  Places like this are little gems and meant to be treasured.

After examining the selection of pies offered, I decided on what my brain and stomach really wanted...Cinnamon Apple Pie with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and a cup of coffee.

Tim warmed the pie so that it was the perfect temperature. The ice cream was rich and delicious. Not the cheap white stuff often added to pies to make them a la mode. No, this was premium vanilla ice cream. The crust was flaky and light.  Pie crust is something that needs to be mastered and the Pie Shack has mastered their crust. It is pastry perfection.

Cozy window seating area.
As I sat at the Pie Shack in the middle of Saturday afternoon with the sweet scent of pie in the air, I realized that I was perfectly content and happy.  This place and their pie makes a person feel right at home.  It's provides comfort both in their welcoming atmosphere and in their delicious pie!

Love the Pie Shack. Afterall, you should "keep your fork dude, there's pie"! Will definitely return to this slice of heaven!

In his opinion:
The Beaches area of Toronto is one of our favourite places to spend an afternoon in all of Toronto. It's always nicer when the weather is good but still good and charming even when it's a bit colder. As we drove through Queen St East in the Beaches and my wife automatically spotted this place and pie was on her mind from that moment on. When we returned from our little drive down further there was no way we weren't stopping in for some pie.

This place is where rustic meets Provence. Very welcoming and decorated with a mix of rural, bucolic pieces with a French touch including a couple of French chaises. The smell of pie fills the room and enhances the "feel good" atmosphere. It feels like a neighbourhood gem where you would gather with friends and family for some good chat and of course, pie.
Complete with the old style bicycle and doggie "house" for your pets in the front, it's hard to miss it as you walk by or drive by like we did.

The owner Tim makes you feel welcomed as soon as you walk in. His charm and genuine warmth are the perfect match for a place like this, instantly engaging in conversation and caring for all your pie and beverage needs instantly.

After some deliberation in front of "the Pie Heaven" counter, I opted for the Strawberry Cream Pie, with a little help from my wife (the pie queen). The pie slices are 1/4 of the pie and are to put it shortly, deliciously fantastic. I also opted out of the ice cream as all I wanted to taste was the pie itself. Some Chai Tea was the beverage of choice and it is served in a somewhat "High Tea" manner with the owner following up with refills of hot water if needed.

Let me tell you about this pie...the flaky, buttery crust is a pair made in heaven to the creamy, warm fruit-filled filling on these wonderful pies. Every bite brings the fruit flavour out even more and they are heated to the perfect temperature by Tim himself. 1/4 pie slices are $6 and whole pies are $25 and trust me that for this quality of pie, atmosphere and service, it's a bargain. Plus the slices are HUGE!

The place quickly filled with what seemed like locals or usual patrons as the owner knew all of them by name. But it is that kind of place, the kind of place that you make it your "to go" place for dessert after a home meal, an afternoon "snack" for some of us or just the place you go for all your pie cravings at any time of the day. A second location is available in Toronto's West-End on Annette Street and there is talk of a third location to be opened soon by another one of Tim's siblings. 

For your Pie, coffee and tea needs and a wonderful welcoming neighbourly ambiance give the Pie Shack a try, you won't regret it.

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Sunday, 22 April 2012

Holy Chuck Burger

Holy Chuck
1450 Yonge Street
Toronto, ON


(Photo courtesy of BlogTO)

In her opinion:
We decided that today (April 21, 2011) would be a foodie day in Toronto! That means packing in a lunch, dinner and possibly a snack or dessert in between. That's a lot you're thinking...and yes, it can be; but, we don't overdo it at any meal and we manage to survive unscathed!  Today we hit Holy Chuck, the Pie Shack and finally the Fuel House for a smaller dinner.  All three choices were excellent.

Holy Chuck is part of the burger phenomenon of late. The Burger's Priest, Big Smoke Burger and Holy Chuck have changed the lowly burger into a gastronomical pleasure. This is not a Harvey's or McDonald patty.  This is absolute heaven.  I've had both the Burger's Priest and Holy Chuck and although I know they are often compared...I choose not to.

Where some other burger places have secret menus, the menu at Holy Chuck is not secretive. It's up on the wall and basically all out there for the customers perusing. Oh and what a menu! So many burgers and so little time (and stomach space)! Having studied the menu online before the drive to Toronto, I knew exactly what I wanted.

I ordered one of their speciality shakes to start.  The bacon, fudge and sea salt shake was my choice. Wow! When I first read about this shake, I was a little hesitant but the more I thought about it the more I wanted it!

It did not disappointed!  Outstanding. The flavour of smoky bacon, chocolate and sea salt work incredibly well together.  So good. Love it...I could have one now if it wasn't an hour and a bit away!

For my burger choice, I ordered the Mad Cow. This is described as the "Animal Feed (panko crusted portobello mushroom stuffed with feta and cream cheese, deep fried and topped with a lemon and herb aioli) + Jr. Cheeseburger".

This burger was huge. It is a deep fried cheese stuffed portobello mushroom with cream cheese and feta. The feta cheese is not too overpowering and the cream cheese gives the mushroom and burger the right amount of creaminess.  The lemon and herb aioli of Holy Chuck's Mad Cow also speaks for itself! It carries the right amount of acidic punch.  I loved this burger...very very good.  A little too big for me to eat all on my own...but then again...I have my husband to finish my meals!

Speaking of husbands, I took a bite of his "Holy Duck" burger (a single beef patty with double smoked bacon, topped with seared Quebec foie gras, truffle oil and pure Canadian maple syrup). I only have one thing to say - OMG!!! Actually, two things...this burger is Martin Picard worthy!!!  That good.

Holy Chuck is awesome. The food is excellent, the service is extremely efficient and the owner who's on hand to make sure the customers are happy make this place a success.

I love the burger revolution that is taking place of late. It has spoiled my taste buds...regular burgers will no longer suffice! Thank goodness for Little Louie's in Cambridge or I would go nuts.

In his opinion:
In the eternal quest for a great burger, Holy Chuck is without a doubt, a must try for the burger aficionados of Toronto. Well, for a burger aficionado from anywhere really! And  maybe a try and try and try again for most! It will take a few visits to be able to sample the delicacies of their menu and to find your own favourite one.

It has the look of an up-scale burger franchise, the ambiance of a diner and the efficiency and service of a neighbourhood favourite. Johnny, the owner is the face of customer service. Attentive, super friendly and cordial, goes around ensuring everyone is enjoying the experience and loving their food. 

For starters, their milkshakes are insane. I mean insane as in the quality of them and the somewhat "odd" flavours available. Some of the shakes available are Nutella and salted caramel, grandmas apple pie and peanut butter and jelly to name a few. I had the "bacon, fudge and sea salt milkshake and it was great. Smooth and creamy with bacon bits in the mix, it had a distinct flavour but tasted great nevertheless.

After browsing through the extensive burger menu I found myself overwhelmed. So many choices and they all sound better than the last. But by the end it was clear to me that the "Holy Duck burger" was to be my pick for the day. Dubbed as "unreal", it is served with a single beef patty, juicy and melt in your mouth good. It also has double smoked bacon, truffle oil and Canadian maple syrup, but the kicker, or topper in this case are the slices of perfectly seared Quebec foie gras. For those of you aware of the concept of a "foodgasm", this is as good as it gets. The burger melts in your mouth and the foie gras adds perfectly to the beef patty for an amazing combination. At $24.99 it is by far the most expensive burger on the menu at Holy Chuck's but well worth the money if you ask me.

Another point worth mentioning are the fries. They are very tasty, crisp and full of flavour because of their seasoning. Note to mention that the fries came complementary from Johnny, that again was going above his owner status and ensuring I had a pairing experience for my foie. Thanks Johnny by the way!
Another great feature is the "Challenge Burger" where they have a challenge for you to finish an insanely portioned meal to get it free, and get your picture on the wall of fame. You also have to finish a shake and the burger in question  is an 8 patty burger, resembling the Tower of Pisa and requiring a dislocating jaw just to attempt a bite. The twist is that if you can't finish it in time, your picture will end up in the "Wall of Shame", so be careful of what you wish! 

Overall, a great burger place with lots of selection, ample seating and friendly staff. Highly recommend it, especially if you are a burger lover and also if you are a food adventurer. Make sure to say hi to Johnny when you are there because undoubtedly he will add to your experience at Holy Chuck.

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Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Baker Street Station

Baker Street Station
76 Baker Street
Guelph, Ontario


In her opinion:

It's been a while since we blogged about someplace local. So after doing our research on Urbanspoon we decided on Baker Street Station for brunch. I am really glad we did. I was thinking pub fare in Guelph, I wasn't thinking upscale foodie pub fare in Guelph. This place was awesome.

Unfortunately, the service was slower then I would have liked but the waitress explained that our bone marrow had not been successfully done so they were making a new one for us. This resulted in a rather timely delay but believe me it was worth it.

We ordered a couple of pints to start.  I had the Baker Street Brew. A nice light coloured beer with amazing flavour. We started by ordering a couple of items from their grazing menu. The "Bone Marrow" and the "Pork Rillette".  Both dishes came with thinly toasted croutons/bread and a small side salad.

The "Bone Marrow" was very delicious.  Very nicely done.  I really enjoy bone marrow and I am glad that the kitchen took it upon themselves to do this over for us.  I personally believe the wait was worth it.  The "Pork Rillette" was also very good.  It was classically done and tasted incredible.  These types of dishes are two of my favourites.

Pork Rillette
Bone Marrow
For my brunch main, I ordered the "Gypsy Eggs". Three eggs baked on top of pea and tomato ragout with chorizo sausage and fresh bread.  

This dish was so unbelievable. So good.  It reminded me of my mom's 'Peas with Eggs and Chourico stew" or "Ervilhas com Ovos e Chourico".  It was delicious.  I loved the ragout and the eggs were perfectly baked.  

I was very impressed with the caliber of the food. I was too full for dessert but the small dessert menu had a few personal favourites. I'm so glad that a place like this exists 20 minutes from home. Will definitely go back.

In his opinion:
Let me start by saying that I was pretty excited after checking out this place and its menu online. We made the short trip to Guelph in a gloomy, rainy day with expectations of a foodie experience beyond what is usually expected from this city.

Baker St. Station is an innovative take on a traditional English pub but with a twist on the usual pub grub. The menu reads as an up-scale bistro slightly bordering on fine dining ingredients and presentation. The portions resemble tapas and might not fill the very "hungry" customers but it serves just right as pub portions.

There are three separate menus (pictured below), the regular menu, the razing menu and the breakfast menu. The last two are available on the website and on chalkboards hanging on the Pub's walls.

We ordered a little from each menu, while picking some of our favourites like  "Pork Rillette", 'Bone Marrow" and "Poutine", that in this case was covered in short ribs. The food took its time to come out. After 20 minutes of waiting and watching clients at the next table that come after us, already eating their second dish, I must admit that I wasn't impressed with the service, at all.
Our waitress came to tell us that something had gone wrong with the bone marrow and that our food was going to take a little longer than expected. We told her that the marrow could come at the end if needed but we ended up getting all the items together, around 10 minutes after that.
The food is very good. All the dishes come well presented, hot and full of flavour.

The "Pork Rillette" was smooth, flavourful and served with toasted bread for spreading and arugula salad. The "Bone Marrow" was fatty, creamy and full of texture,  also served with toasted bread and some spices to sprinkle (smokey paprika, fleur de sel and coarse ground pepper).

For my main dish I ordered the "Short Rib Poutine". I had a craving for poutine since I came from holidays, one week ago and when I spotted it in the menu, it was a no brainer for me. It's your typical curds and gravy on crispy flavoured fries but with the added value of the short rib on top of the dish.
A simple dish, packed with flavour and served in an cast iron pot. The fries and gravy were perfect, some of the the curds weren't melted but tasted amazing even before I mixed the tender short ribs into them.

The Good: Great atmosphere and excellent food in a nice setting, topped with excellent beer selection and a menu created for foodies.
The Bad: The wait for the food is well reported on a lot of other reviews but ours was a little too much. If I wasn't so eager to try this restaurant, I would have paid for my beer and left. In the end it was worth it.
The Verdict: I recommend this restaurant for anyone looking for up-scale food in a pub setting. The flavours, textures and presentation scream fine dining but without the pretentiousness found in some establishments. Great place for any time of the day and especially for patrons with a champagne taste and beer budget.

I give it a 3 1/2 olives out of 5 as rating

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Sunday, 15 April 2012

The Edge Restaurant

The Edge Restaurant
Harmony Suites Hotel
Rodney Bay Village, 
Rodney Bay, St. Lucia


In her opinion:

After a morning of shopping in Rodney Bay, we decided to grab lunch in the area rather then return to our resort. After driving around and checking out the available restaurants we decided on The Edge Restaurant in the heart of Rodney Bay Village.

The restaurant in nestled in the Harmony Suites Hotel and at the water's edge.  Great views of the marina and the surrounding area. If the food tasted as good as this place looked then we were in luck. After all, this is Bobo Bergstrom's Eurobbean restaurant and he was the Caribbean chef of the year in 2003.

We ordered a couple of beers to start and scanned their large lunch menu.  It was a difficult choice but I decided on the "Edge Fish Burger with house dressing, salad and Idaho farm-fries".

When this plate came out, I was absolutely shocked and delighted. I have eaten fish sandwiches across the Caribbean but I did not expect this presentation.  It looked beautiful on the plate.  Even the people that were being seated commented in awe of how good this looked.

It tasted excellent.  The fish was delicious and moist.  Very nicely seasoned with a little heat. The salad was very good. The potatoes were very nicely done.  Overall, a very good entree. 

We decided to share dessert. We ordered one of Edgar's favourites, the "Trio of Creme Brulee". It consisted of a classic vanilla, a chocolate chili and a rum version with a cinnamon swirl cookie. The creme brulees were really good.  I loved the classic vanilla the most but the flavour of the chocolate chili was so different and wonderful.

I loved the Edge Restaurant.  The setting was amazing, the food was excellent and the overall experience was wonderful.  Perfection in St. Lucia.

In his opinion:
The Edge is regarded by some as the best dining experience and some of the best fine dining in all of St Lucia. Its waterside, casual but elegant décor and setting doesn't necessarily scream fine dining but I assure you the food matches the title. It is located inside the Harmony Suites Hotel, literally at the water's edge and with such an amazing reputation after only 2 years of existence.

Chef Bobo Bergstrom (Caribbean Chef of the year 2003) wanted to open a  restaurant  that would combine his two food styles, Caribbean and European. That is how the "Eurobbean" style as he describes it, was born.

The restaurant serves excellent food from a variety of menus, depending on the day, or on the time of day. They have lunch-breakfast, sushi, dinner and dessert menus but also carry vegetarian dishes on demand.

We were given a table right on the water's edge, with excellent views of Rodney Bay and the beautiful St Lucia mountainous landscape in the background. There were only a few people at the restaurant at this point and they all seemed to be guests at the Hotel. Soon enough others came in from mostly Sandals and other Hotels on the island.

I started with a cool, refreshing Piton Beer (local St Lucian beer) that surely hit the spot and opened my appetite. After browsing the menu and debating a lot on what to have, I opted for the "Classic Pesto Pasta with Chicken'. The chicken was served in strips, among the pasta and surrounded by a creamy smooth pesto sauce that never overpowered the dish. It was a fresh dish, perfect for the beautiful surroundings and the cool water breeze that cools down the restaurant on a hot Caribbean day.

The shared "Trio of Creme Brulee" for dessert was outstanding. It was the perfect way to end this lunch before hitting the beach and enjoying the turquoise blue waters of the Caribbean. 

The Good: Excellent location, great menus and an amazing waters-edge view make this restaurant a must try in St Lucia, not really known for it's culinary scene.
The Bad: Not much bad at all, maybe it's secluded location would make someone else miss this restaurant in the Bay.
The Verdict: The setting, the food and the atmosphere make this place magical and my only regret was not returning for dinner, where I am sure the lights in the Bay would add to the experience in this beautiful restaurant.

I give it a 3 1/2 olives out of 5 as rating