Friday, 5 July 2013

For the Love of Cake

171 East Liberty Street, Suite 117
Toronto, Ontario


The Cupcakes:
Maple-Bacon Mancake - bacon maple cake with blueberry filling with a maple icing with a piece of candied bacon on top.

Coconut Cupcake - coconut cake, with coconut custard filling, coconut icing with toasted coconut on top.

Very Vanilla Cupcake - vanilla angel food cake, with vanilla custard, vanilla icing and a red raspberry on top.

In her opinion:
We spent a Sunday in Toronto recently, actually during Gay Pride Week and the Canada Day long weekend. Our intentions were to avoid the parade route and focus instead on the Liberty Village area of Toronto. I like Liberty Village, there has been a lot of growth there recently.So after having lunch at Bar Vespa, we checked out the area and naturally wondered over to this sweet bakery to pick up a few treats. It was around 3:00 pm when we got to For the Love of Cake, so they didn't have a lot of variety left.

I will say that it smells delightful in this little bakery...actually, it smells exactly like a good bakery should smell like! After checking out was left in the cupcake display case, I picked out a coconut cupcake for myself, a very vanilla for my son and Edgar picked the maple bacon mancake. 

The coconut cupcake was so so delicious. It was reminiscent of my coconut cream consisted of a delectable moist coconut cake with a very good coconut cream filling and coconut icing sprinkled with toasted coconut. You definitely have to love coconut to enjoy this cupcake and thankfully, I do! 

The very vanilla cupcake was also excellent. It consisted of an angel food cupcake with a vanilla custard filling. It was topped with a premium vanilla icing and a red raspberry...turns out that Ethan didn't want this cupcake after all...well, his dad and I enjoyed the vanilla goodness of this gorgeous creation.

The maple bacon mancake was actually featured in Toronto Life magazine. This flavour marketed towards the gentlemen...thus the name mancake was actually introduced in 2009. Well, this lady can also appreciate the combo of maple and bacon. This cupcake consisted of a moist maple bacon cake with a blueberry filling and a perfect maple icing with a piece of candied incredibly decadent and well...good! It can be described as blueberry pancakes with a side of bacon.

I will actually state undeniably that the cupcakes/mancakes from For the Love of Cake are some of the best that I have ever's hard to find a decent cupcake in a world where cupcakes have been overdone but these little beauties are something special.

In his opinion:
Cupcakes are a small indulgence for me and one that is very hard to hide from. I rarely seek out cupcakes on my own but have a very hard time saying no when they are put right in front of me or I "accidentally" walk into a cake/cupcake store.

This was one of those times were I suddenly found myself walking into one of those establishments, prompted by seeing someone walking by with a bag full of them. It's located in a "hidden" alley way along with other establishments in a very nice spot in Liberty Village.

For the Love of Cake is obviously as the name implies, a cake store creating some very specific cakes such as the ones depicted in the pictures like R2D2 and the beer can. It enjoys quite the popularity among cake lovers but for this day we were there to try cupcakes.

Unfortunately for us, the selection was already minimal at the time we arrived but that speaks volume on the popularity of this place and their cupcakes.

All the cupcakes we tried were good, very moist and soft on the inside, full of flavour inside and out and very well decorated making it very appetizing for the eyes. They tasted fresh even though we had them later in the day.

But I will concentrate on the "Piece de Resistance" which was the the Bacon Maple ManCake Cupcake. Prepared and named with the male population in mind, it crosses the sometimes unattractive cupcake line for males and invites them to feel okay to have a cupcake. 

The Maple Bacon Mancake is everything one expects it be. Soft and moist on the inside and decorated with maple icing and topped with candied bacon. The blueberry filling was the only part that seemed a bit out of sorts but did not change the love for the cupcake at all.

So, fellas, when you think that cupcakes are not for you, give the Mancake a try, and you won't be disappointed.

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