Monday, 25 February 2013

Papou's Place Subs and Ice Cream

73 Cedar Street
Cambridge, On

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In her opinion:
There are times that we are stuck and just don't know what we want to eat. This was one of those times. I was unsure what I wanted and so was Edgar. Out of nowhere I remembered that there was a new place that had opened up on our side of town. Papou's Place on the corner of Cedar Street and St. Andrews.

I looked up their menu online and noted that this place had an extensive sub menu, ice cream and a few pita choices. We decided what we wanted and I went to pick up supper.

Photo Property of Papou's Place
This is a very nice little spot. It is brand new and very clean. I spoke to the owner. She told me that her family had owned the business for a few years and that papou means grandpa in Greek. Apparently, it was started by a retired grandfather who wanted to do something into his golden years, so he started Papou's Place. They eventually bought the business from him. Papou's Place has two locations, one in West Galt and one in Hespeler

So for my meal I picked an assorted sub. Boring you was a retro delight.

I had a 12 inch white. With the usual assortment of luncheon meat, ham and cheese. I kept it old school and topped it with just a little lettuce, onion and tomato. It was finished with salt,pepper and sub sauce. I nuked it for 30 seconds when I got home just to add to the retro-ness of the whole brought me back to my youth! No, seriously.

The sub tasted great. The bread was super fresh with the right amount of softness. The meat was a perfect blend and the cheese melted just right when microwaved. The toppings were fresh and everything worked together to create a great sub.

Papou's place is close to home and has very tasty food. It will be a great place to stop for ice cream in the summer.

In his opinion:
So sometimes when you dont't know what to have for dinner is when you juggle your memory and new untested waters come to mind. This was the case of Papou's Place. Suggestions were made, a total of 3 seconds were spent on deliberation and decisions were made. Sounds like choosing what socks to wear but it actually works when you are hungry.

I opted for a "Chicken Bacon and Tzatziki Pita". First of all, how can you go wrong with that combination and besides, the pita craving was at a high at this point.

What I got was somehow surprising, but for the good. I truly expected a "run of the mill" pita with a usual store bought super flat shell and maybe some pre-packaged items, microwaved to give the illusion of hot and fresh. What I actually got was  a very good tasting pita, with a traditional homemade pita bread, tasty strips of real chicken, fresh toppings and what tasted like homemade Tzatziki sauce.

The taste was all there, good size and just down the street form my house. Have we discovered a new supply to our subs and pita orders that doesn't involve the pre-packaged items of the franchised places? Well...I'm unsure but willing to give it a good try.

The Good: Fresh and tasty are the main ingredients, how can you go wrong?
The Bad: Limited menu overall but great sub selection
The Verdict: They deliver, they serve party size orders, they are very personable and top it all with good traditional type food (subs and pitas that is). I think it's a winning combination. 

I give it 2 1/2 out of 5 Olives as a rating.

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