Sunday, 24 February 2013

Frat Burger

247 King Street North
Waterloo, ON


In her opinion:
My other half suggested Frat Burger...I was convinced that we should try someplace else...more refined perhaps and little prettier...but that gnawing hunger that surfaces at the mention of a good burger surfaced and eventually won. 

"What is she going on about?" I'm sure you've already said that...well, I wanted Cafe 22 but Frat Burger won instead because I love a really good burger and after checking out their website...and seeing pictures of what I figured were really delicious looking burgers...we drove there...quickly.

Frat Burger is in one of my favourite strip malls in Waterloo...after all, my favourite shawarma place is here. So it's not surprising that they would also have the best burgers in Waterloo Region! Yup, I said it...the best and I mean the best burgers in our entire region. Think juicy, flavourful burgers cooked to a perfect medium (that is how a burger should be enjoyed) topped with what you want! 

When we arrived the place was kind of empty but filled up during our visit. We were seated right away. Our server was very efficient and friendly. She took our drink orders right away. I decided to have a chocolate malted milk shake.

It was absolutely delectable. Thick and delicious. I loved it...such a treat!

I then looked through their extensive menu. After checking out their amazing selection of toppings, I picked a beef burger (4oz.) topped with aioli mayo, tomato, red onion, Canadian cheddar and local strip bacon. We also ordered a huge poutine. Made with Quebec Bromont cheese curds and their homemade gravy.

The burger was a beautiful creature served with a side pickle spear. It comes on a soft burger bun...just like I love it. It tasted absolutely delicious. Juicy and full of good beef flavour. It was so good...I will definitely return for more of their burgers...I don't have to drive to Toronto for an exceptional burger anymore!

The poutine was had real cheese curds (the kind I like that actually melt) and a very flavourful gravy. Just excellent. We ordered the huge size because we were expecting a smaller portion. This was really delicious and a very very generous portion.

Overall, I was thrilled with Frat Burger...our server was great, the food was amazing...we will definitely go back...I recommend this place to anyone who loves burgers.

In his opinion:
Usually I don't have such a hard time to convince someone to try a good burger place but somehow this time was harder than usual. I had heard good things about Frat Burger and wanted to try it for myself. The menu that I had browsed online looked awesome with plenty of choices and some specials that peaked my curiosity. There were even vegetarian choices for the faint at heart...

After driving by so many times wanting to go in, I finally walked through the doors and was pleasantly surprised. The rooms are eclectically decorated with shiny vinyl chairs and posters of classic films on the wall. It does have a feel of a burger joint but with a bit more panache. There is a big bar in the back left and an open large window into the kitchen in the front. The addition of stools beside the glass front wall was a nice touch as well.

The menu carries a great selection of milk shakes, juices, cider, wine, beers and liqueurs. There are two main beef burgers (second is an extra patty) as well as a turkey burger and a lamb burger. Also a good selection of poutines, pulled pork and a great selection of toppings for the burgers. 
To start we ordered the "huge" poutine and let me tell you it was huge. I couldn't even finish it and I have a good appetite. It was also very good with gooey melted cheese curds and a gently spicy gravy covering the fresh cut fries.

I ended up ordering the Sunday special burger which was "the Hangover" burger. This Sunday special burger has bacon, peameal, a fried egg and American cheese. The patties are to die for, soft, cooked medium just like I love it and melting in your mouth as you bite them. The combination of the toppings are brilliant and even thought I was not curing a hangover that morning, I could see how it can help with that effect. Burgers are served with a pickle slice.

The meal was good and I was pretty full when I was done. Too full to even finish the "huge" portion of poutine ordered as an appetizer. Food was good, the staff was very friendly and our waitress was super nice and attentive, a fellow foodie as I discovered.

The Good: No nonsense burger place with great tasting burgers, poutines and friendly staff.
The Bad: Not much to report, pity it is not near my house...
The Verdict: Cant say it's the best burger I have ever had, even in the Region but it's up there for sure. It is absolutely a must try if you don't spend your every hour counting calories and if you like some good burgers and poutines. The university crowd from down the road must stick to this place as honey on bees and I don't blame them one bit.

I give it a 3 1/2 olives out of 5 as rating

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