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47 Dickson Street
Cambridge, ON


In her opinion:
I told Edgar I would start this post with this message..."the grumpy old man is gone"! If you ever ate at the Golden Kiwi Pub in downtown Cambridge then you know exactly what I'm talking about...if you haven't then I will leave it at that!  It's not the Golden Kiwi Pub's simply the Kiwi! It has recently (1 1/2 years ago) been bought by two gentlemen with roots in Cambridge (Galt actually) with a dream of owning their own place. They are slowly renovating the old space and freshening it up.  This includes a new menu.

We visited on a Sunday. It was just after noon and the place was empty. We were greeted by a lovely young lady who took our order and actually took the time to talk to us about the owners, the new format, menu and whether or not there has been any groans about a missing menu item (I'll explain later on)!

We decided to order an appetizer to share, a main each and a dessert to share. That way we would be able to explore more of the menu. To start we ordered a poutine. It is described on the menu as "house made beef gravy ladled over fresh mozzarella curds and crispy fries".

This was really delicious. I was a little peeved that the cheese curds were not melting but the beef gravy that they ladled over the fries and cheese curds is unbelievably delicious and helped me forget what I was peeved at! Overall, I really good poutine. 

For my main, I felt like fish and chips...probably because I had been eating fish all weekend long. It is described on their menu as "beer battered and fried golden served with tartar sauce and fresh cut fries".

This was not the best fish main of the weekend but I will say it was very decent fish and chips. The order came with two large pieces of fish (I don't know what type it was as it was not mentioned on the menu). It was good not great but good. The the fries were really good. It was a good lunch choice. I should have ordered a beer and that would have complimented the dish perfectly. It was a big enough portion that I couldn't finish it...and of course, I wanted to leave room for dessert.

For dessert we ordered, Brownie Battle. It is described on the menu as "a battle of desserts: a warm chocolate brownie versus a brown sugar and butterscotch blondie, garnished with vanilla ice cream and Grand Marnier caramel".

This was the best part of the meal. I love dessert! But I must be honest...this dessert was exceptional. Nothing fancy...brownies, blondies, ice cream and caramel sauce working together to create an amazing culinary experience.

I like the new's a great place to grab a drink with friends, a nice lunch with the family or watch the game on their big screen televisions. But, I need to get this off my chest...the nacho platter is very much missed (the missing menu item!) and should be revived...just saying!

In his opinion:
I have great memories of the former incarnation of this place. After beach volleyball on Thursday nights, this was our little hangout. Also a great lunch or dinner place when looking for some old favourites and some off the beaten path New Zealand specials.

It is now just KIWI, and I like the changes. The renovation look amazing and has made the place lighter, brighter and more appealing. The same great bar is still there but oozes sophistication compared to the old one. It is new and improved in many ways, including ownership.

This was really just a quick lunch and a chance to finally try the new menu, well new for us since they have been renovated for over a year. A food blogger's life is never dull or lacking in opportunity. There are way more restaurants then time or money and it is serious work to balance all of it.  

The staff of one working that day was very pleasant to us and reminded me of the old manager that was so attentive and friendly as well, unlike the previous owner that never smiled once in the dozens of times we had been there. Maybe it was a condition he had...I'll give him the benefit of the doubt I suppose, but it probably wasn't.

I shared the big plate of poutine and even though the cheese curds were not melted enough as per Montreal standards, the gravy was simply outstanding, and the fries weren't too shabby. Too shabby is a legitimate food adjective right? Well...let's go with that anyway.

For my main, I had the "Pesto Grilled Chicken" in a panini bread. It comes topped with red peppers, Monterey Jack cheese and you also have the choice of having it as a wrap. It was delicious. The mixed greens salad was fresh and a good portion as well...the blue cheese dressing (my favourite) was the perfect topping for that healthy bowl.

For dessert, I again shared a dish and it was a true explosion of flavours. Warm chocolate brownie, blondie versus chocolate...really.....just like it sounds. Topped with grand Marnier caramel...oh yes...and if that wasn't enough, let's throw a scoop of vanilla Ice cream and fresh berries.
Worth the trip just for that dessert itself.

The Good: Friendly staff, good food and still the same charm welcomes you at the KIWI.

The Bad: A little empty for a Sunday lunch, hopefully it was because it was Superbowl Sunday, I would hate to see this place not do well.
The Verdict: Still a great spot in Downtown Galt, improved I must add. The versatility of a great place for a drink, patio in the Summer, front room, back room and even the second lounge bar/area, gives you infinite choices to enjoy.

I give it 3 1/2 out of 5 Olives as rating

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