Sunday, 26 August 2012

Slickers Ice Cream

Slickers Ice Cream
271 Bloomfield Main Street
Bloomfield, ON


In her opinion:
I read about Slickers Ice Cream from Urbanspoon and the blogs that talked about their artisanal ice cream and how wonderful it really is. As we drove through Bloomfield on our first day in Prince Edward County it wasn't hard to spot this tiny was the one with all the people sitting outside enjoying their ice cream.

I stood in line and ordered two of their petite scoop size ice creams...come on, we had just had lunch and were having an early dinner at one of the County's best restaurants! After checking out their large menu board, I ordered myself, the "Apple Pie". 

In their pamphlet they describe this flavour as vanilla ice cream with 3 whole homemade apple pies, "crusts and all". It certainly tasted like delicious homemade apple pie. So fresh tasting, creamy and delicious.

I really enjoyed Slickers Ice Cream. I can totally understand why it's so popular in the County!

In his opinion:
When thinking of an ice cream shop in the County, you would think that the expectations would be a small space, family owned showcasing local ingredients and a very tasty, creamy and homemade style ice cream, right?

Well, at Slickers that is exactly what you get. The place lives up to its reputation of best in the County and does not disappoint one bit. Located in the Main St. in Bloomfield, Prince Edward County, this ice cream gem is always busy so expect lineups, mostly because its inside capacity is like 3 people max. The people working the counter were very friendly and appeared to be students on summer break, making a few dollars by putting smiles on people's faces.

The menu is quite complex (as you can tell by the above picture), ranging from petite to single, to double and even triple scoop, making the decisions hard to endure in a moments notice. Then there are the wonderful flavours displayed that postpone the order just a little longer. 16 flavours in total were on display and they encourage you to try a little spoon of any you would like, as a test.

I had the "Roasted Banana and Pecan Pie" petite scoop and the flavours were right on. One thing you can expect to get from this place is the full taste of whatever the flavour is that you picked. This ice cream screams homemade and judging from the crowds outside the scream is pretty loud and travels far. It is a staple for anyone living there and a must stop for the passing tourist.

Slickers is a must try when in the County, rain or shine, I'm sure this ice cream will refresh you and brighten your day, regardless of the flavour!

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