Thursday, 16 August 2012

Mill Street Brewpub

Mill Street Brewpub
21 Tank House Lane
Toronto, Ontario


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In her opinion:
What do you do when you've done nothing but eat all day? Well, you eat some more, of course! We had a bit of a food crawl before our dinner cruise on Lake Ontario this past Saturday!(We knew that the cruise food was going to suck or we wanted to make sure that lunch wouldn't). 

Mill Street Brewpub was our last stop on our little foodie adventure. We were only going in for a pint or two. But when you are having one of Mill Street delicious beers, you need a little something something.

We ordered the Brewmaster's Mussels and our friends ordered the Calamari for the table to share. The mussels are steamed in Mill St. Belgian Wit Biere with fennel, leaks and chorizo sausage. They are served with grilled focaccia bread. The mussels were excellent. Full of great flavour. So good.

The calamari was deep fried and served with chipotle ailoi and marinara sauce. This calamari was exceptional. Perfectly fried and well flavoured. The chipotle ailoi was just the perfect dip!

These two little snacks combined with my Mill Street Organic Lager was a perfect combo!  I love this place and we normally stop in when we are in the Distillery District! I recommend the Brewpub to anyone who loves good beer and good food!


In his opinion:
Given that Mill St. Organic has become my beer of choice this summer, a visit to the brewery seems appropriate at any given time. We stop in once in a while, always for a a good pint or two...okay, sometimes three.

Like the "connected song"...the beer is connected to some....hunger.....hunger is connected to good food, good food is connected to pub grub, the...well get the point. Before you know it, we were ordering some good pub food, even though we had just been to two other restaurants.

First thing first, I ordered decided to order a Lemon Tea Beer instead of my usual Organic and began to looking around for Joel Manning, Head Brewer. You know, the guy from the radio commercial, the one with the deep voice that knows a lot about beer. 

I couldn't find him but what I do see is a well decorated room, with many eclectic sitting/standing areas and a cool wall of beer caps. This place is cool, bright and inviting but when full, you can't even hear yourself think, way too loud. There are a lot of selections of beers, 14 to be exact. Organic Lager, Lemon Tea beer, Tankhouse Ale and Cobblestone Stout are some of the more popular ones.

We ordered the "Calamari" and the "Mussels" to share, after all there wasn't much room for food but we needed something to soak up the beer.
The calamari was nice and tender, the batter was just right and both dipping sauces, chipotle aioli and marinara sauce complemented it very well.

The Mussels were also very good, cooked in Mill St. Belgian Wit beer with chorizo sausage, fennel and leeks.  The sauce was very good, perfect for some bread dipping.

Drop by Mill Street Pub any of time for a great brew, great atmosphere and tasty food to go along with it. Try their beer samplers as well. They are a great way to explore their vast array of beer flavour. Cheers!

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