Thursday, 30 August 2012

Just Sweets Retro Bakery

Just Sweets Retro Bakery
5 Corey Street
Bloomfield, Ontario


In her opinion:
This place is just darling. It's not a cafe or restaurant. It's just a cute, little bakery specializing in just sweet retro desserts. I love anything retro in baking...the old Eagle Brand of my like Cherry O Cheese Pie sigh)...not fancy...just good!

In researching our trip to the County, I looked at all possible stops along the way...not just restaurants...but ice cream places, bakeries and other little gems. This place just popped right out at me...I think it had to do with their reminded me of a cookbook that my mom use to have when I was a kid.

I found it on our second day in the County, on our way to brunch. I loved the porch. I loved the Tiffany blue umbrellas and paper lanterns that hung on the porch. I even loved the sign that read "Cash Only...How retro is that".  I loved the old family pictures on the wall hanging above a display of old fashioned aprons...okay, I loved everything about this place. But I especially loved what they had to offer!

It was hard to control myself but I only ordered two squares...actually triangles! A "Magic Cookie Bar" and a "Decadent Chocolate Wedge". Magic Cookie Bars (aka Hello Dollies) are one of those recipes from my childhood...I still make them every Christmas! Love them. What's not to love about graham crackers, condensed milk, chocolate chips, coconut, and nuts. Yum! The Decadent Chocolate Wedges were also outstanding...delicious chocolate centre on a shortbread crust and topping. So so good.

I love that places like this exist. They make me happy! Bloomfield is very lucky to have a place like Just Sweets Retro Bakery just around the corner from their main street!


Decadent Chocolate Wedge (top) and Magic Cookie Bar


In his opinion:

Cute little place off the main road in Bloomfield, Prince Edward County. Looks like a doll house from the outside but their creations should be taken seriously. It is a must stop when in PEC and one of ours during our getaway in the county.

Unfortunately, we were on our way to brunch at Amelia's Garden Restaurant at the Waring House Inn, so we could not pack any more than a simple taste. We got the  Magic Cookie Bar and the a Decadent Chocolate Wedge. 

The Magic Cookie Bar was indeed magical as it disappeared very quickly in front of my very own eyes, leaving me with some anxiety as to why. Maybe I should have not used the magical fork and it would have gone slower...probably not. It reminded me a lot of a similar cookie Julie bakes for Christmas but hers are better of course...wink...wink :)

The Decadent Chocolate Wedge was equally tasty and deserves an honorary mention, even though it had a lot to live up to, given the company. The County is full of these little gems and it's fun to explore and try as many as you can. After all, how many good restaurants and wineries can you really hit in a few days? Hmmm...never mind, forget that last sentence.

Give this place a try and don't forget to bring cash...they only deal in it...very retro indeed.

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