Thursday, 29 March 2012

Pancho's Bakery

Pancho's Bakery
214 Augusta Avenue
Toronto, Ontario


In her opinion:
After a lot of churros talk on Twitter of late, I definitely decided that Pancho's Bakery required a visit! So on a beautiful day four days away from the beginning of Spring(or St. Patrick's Day if you must know), we headed to Kensington Market! We had discovered Pancho's Bakery a while ago when we had visited the market on a lazy Saturday afternoon and fell in love with their delicious churros.

Today, it was buzzing. I think everyone else had also read about churros on Twitter or else the green filling option they were offering for St. Patty's day was bringing the crowds in.  We ordered four of these delicious, fluffy little morsels of love. Okay, if you haven't noticed I absolutely adore, no, love churros! My love of them began while visiting Spain and has been going on ever since.  Every chance I get to eat these little beauties, I take it.  It's not easy to find good churros in Cambridge, so it often means going to Toronto. Which is an excuse to visit other little gems in this fabulous city!

Today's churros had strawberry and caramel filling. These fillings are not over sweet, they are perfect. The strawberry filling is not jammy, it is the perfect consistency. The caramel is dulce de leche excellence.

If you haven't tried Pancho's Bakery then you definitely need to go.  They have two locations.  The fore mentioned Kensington Market location and the location at 1345 Davenport Road.

In his opinion:

I often tell people that my wife will make me drive to Toronto for good churros and it usually comes across as just a cute comment. Funny thing is...I'm not joking! She loves them that much! I mean what's not to love about these long, filled and sugar coated pastries often called Spanish donuts?

They are even popular in my native Portugal (which history claims are behind the invention of churros) as well as in the Caribbean and some Central American countries, usually as breakfast food. They are relatively similar to Portuguese Malassadas (also popular in Hawaii) but in a long cylindrical star shape, sprinkled with sugar.

A good place to have them in Toronto is at Pancho's Bakery! Pancho's Bakery is one of those, no frills, always packed, and ready to deliver type of places, conveniently located in one of my favourite parts of Toronto...Kensington Market.

This time around we had strawberry filled and caramel filled churros, opting out for the green filled ones that were available for St. Patty's day. Personally, I don't buy into the whole green food or green drink thing too much, so surely I was not going to have green in my churros. Admittedly, churros are as far from Irish as Colcannon is from Spanish cuisine.

So next time you are in the area, give it a try. They are definitely worth the line-up and are a great finger food to enjoy while strolling through Kensington market looking for your next hidden treasure. Just go...already! Caramba!

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