Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Pain Perdu

Pain Perdu
736 St. Clair Avenue West
Toronto, Ontario


In her opinion:
We drove into the city to go to the Stockyards for lunch and when we parked our car on St. Clair West, I instantly spotted this little piece of Paris in Toronto.  There it was in pretty blue letters "Pain Perdu". A pain perdu is simply french toast in France and it is served for dessert, breakfast or tea. So I instantly decided that we need to visit this delightful little patisserie for dessert and to bring a few treats home!

When I walked in to Pain Perdu I was instantly transported back to Paris while the French music played in the background. This little pastry shop could easily be on Rue Rivoli instead of St. Clair Avenue West.  The pastry displays contained delicious looking viennoiseries, cakes and cookies as well as croque monsieur and quiche waiting to be warmed and served in house or taken away for later.  There was baguettes and other beautiful breads in baskets waiting to be sold.

We ordered two coffees and sat down in their small sitting area. The waiter came to bring us our coffee and asked if we wanted anything else. Since we were still very full from our delicious lunch we ordered one chocolate eclair to share.

This eclair was perfection. The choux pastry was excellent. The chocolate pastry was delicious without being too sweet. The chocolate icing was bittersweet which provided the right amount of balance to the entire pastry. So good.

Pain Perdu also serves elegant refined lunch selection with such French specialities as quiche, croque monsieur and duck confit.

Before we left we took some pastries to go, a couple of pain au chocolat and two versions of pain aux raisins. These were outstanding. Some of the best pain aux raisins we have had this side of the Atlantic. It's little places like Pain Perdu that makes me happy...little bits of France in Canada are little gems to be admired.  I loved this place.  So good and we will definitely visit again.

In his opinion:
Awww Paris...It's easy to let yourself be immersed in the smells, the sounds and the tastes of the city of lights while at Pain Perdu!...but...
it all sort of drifts away when looking out the window and realizing you are indeed on St. Clair West in Toronto.

But it is those little moments that transport you from fond memories of that city and all that is associated with it. Pain du Perdy evoques all of those feelings even if for just a brief moment. It is to me another gem in Toronto that let's us enjoy a petit morceaux of France without the jet lag, the long flight and the cost!

We did what we usually do when we are still too full to have a full meal. We had some coffee and shared a dessert. We shared what could possibly be the best chocolate eclair that I have ever had in my life. We then picked up a few thing to go. These were two of my favourite French baked goods - pain au chocolat and pain aux raisins. They were both very delicious when we finally decided to have them at home, later in that evening! 

We will surely return to this little piece of French heaven, but next time with a full appetite and right when they have just baked fresh bread. Only then will be a truly French experience, on St. Clair West!

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