Sunday, 18 March 2012

Angel's Diner

560 Hespeler Road
Cambridge, Ontario


In her opinion:
Finding a descent breakfast place in Cambridge is not too easy. Sure we have 50's Diner, Papa Joe's Hot Kettle and Galtview! And as most of you have read, we favour Papa Joe's, however; when you are having breakfast with friends from Guelph that is not always a convenient location. So where? Well we decided on Angel's Diner for today. Angel's Diner is a chain with several locations throughout Ontario.

This wasn't our first time at Angel's.  The other two times hadn't really been impressive or left lasting memories. But because of its convenience we decided it was the right choice.

They have an extensive menu but to be honest, nothing was really calling out my name.  I settled on the Canadian Saute.  It had home fry potatoes, fire roasted green and red peppers, onions and peameal bacon topped with cheese and two eggs. I had my eggs poached and ordered a side of hollandaise sauce.  It tasted good except for the fact that there was more peppers and onions then potatoes.  There was lots of peameal bacon in this saute which was nice.  The eggs were a little overdone but tasted fine.  The meal came with a fruit cup which my little man ate.

Our friends ordered the Eggs Benny Saute and Eggs Benedict. The Saute was again home fry potatoes, fire roasted green and red peppers, and onions.  Topped with melted cheese, ham and two poached eggs with hollandaise sauce. This also came with a fruit cup. The Eggs Benedict was the classic two English muffins, ham, poached eggs and hollandaise sauce. It was served with home fries and a fruit cup.  They both enjoyed their breakfast very much.

Eggs Benny Saute
Classic Eggs Benedict

I thought the breakfast was good.  It's an option for breakfast in the Cambridge area. Definitely not my favourite, that honour belongs to Papa Joe's.

In his opinion:
Angel's Diner at first glance was a pleasant new addition to the scarce breakfast scene in Cambridge, a negative trend that spreads through the whole of Waterloo Region. Julie forgot to mention Coras but after they dropped scalding water on my back one horrible breakfast, they surely deserve the no mention.

Angel's is your typical style 50's diner. Problem is, we already have a place like that in Cambridge called oddly enough "Fifty's Diner". Last thing we actually needed is another Elvis loving, Cadillac and Coca Cola signs adorned walls type of joint. I reckon there is a large population of baby boomers that enjoy this type of thing or some that just totally decide to ignore the calendar.

We decided to go for breakfast since we already had been there for lunch and it was just ok, nothing to rave home about. 

I had the bagel toasted with cream cheese and Lox (salmon). It was good and the salmon tasted somewhat fresh. The baked apple slices that came with the breakfast weren't very tasty and I would have rather had the fruit medley that comes with all the other dishes. Coffee is mediocre at best and not even huge amounts of sugar and milk could mask the watered down taste.

As I said before, there is not much to rave about this place and I'm going to give it serious thought next time someone asks us to join them there. It's a restaurant chain that feels and cooks like a chain, and poorly at that. 
There are a couple of better options for sure in Cambridge and why this place is always packed is beyond me. Well, it just may be for lack of better places but if you look hard you will find them. Good luck with your search...

Oh and I thought I saw Evis there....or was it at the mall?

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