Monday, 20 February 2012

Wings Up! Gourmet Chicken Wings and Ribs

Wings Up!
800 Franklin Boulevard
Cambridge, ON


A pound and a half of medium wings.

Smiley Sandwich.

In her opinion:

This Family Day weekend has really sucked! Why? Well, because my little man came home from school with the flu on Thursday morning and has been able to pass it along to his mom and dad quite nicely. So all those plans that I had for the weekend about trying all these new fabulous places were destroyed with that first cough and the first reading of 103.8 degrees Fahrenheit on his ear thermometer. If you haven't noticed the posts from this weekend involve take-out...a lot of take-out.  We had Thai, we had Italian, we even had burgers and poutine from Dairy Queen...which I was not blogging about. So I feel worse for wear, we decided on luck.  El Rinconsito Mexicano (Mi Casa es tu Casa) was closed for Family Day.  So what is the next best thing...why, wings of course.  

Our go to wing place is Wild Wings.  However, Wild Wings was not answering their Wings Up it is!  Really, why one over the other...location for one...closer to us...and personal preference. I really like Wild Wings medium wings...they remind me of when I was a kid and my parents would go to Niagara Falls, NY for buffalo wings.  But having said that, Wings Up is no wallflower. 

Personally, I just wanted something with flavour...I haven't been able to breathe right in a few days...I really wanted my sinuses cleared out and I was hoping that Wings Up would be able to do that.

We ordered two "Smiley Sandwiches", medium sauced and one and half pounds of medium wings. What is a "Smiley Sandwich"? It's a battered, boneless, skinless chicken breast deep fried and dunked in wing sauce.  It's served on a garlic baguette with cheese. I personally like dipping it in blue cheese dressing.  

The medium sauce from Wings Up is not like the medium from Wild Wings. Wings Up's medium is a sweet heat rather than a Louisiana style hot sauce heat like Wild Wings.  I prefer the medium from Wild Wings but don't get me wrong, these wings are still good. No, actually great! The "Smiley Sandwiches" are unbelievable. The combo of garlic bread and medium sauced chicken is so good.

Since this illness is affecting my ability to eat too much (it's too hard to breathe and eat, thanks little man) I was full after the "Smiley". But, I still managed 3 wings.  They were good.  I think the Wild Wings medium wings would have cleared the sinus better but these guys hit the spot just nicely.

In his opinion:

I recall that not that long ago there was not a decent wing place in this town, with the exception of a couple places and they only had a wing night, so we had to wait for a certain day. I found myself driving to Honey's in Buffalo, NY just to have a decent serving of good wings. I know I wasn't alone in this Friday or Saturday night venture because the border guards already knew where we were going before we told them.

All of a sudden, wing places were everywhere and even wing franchises, to boot. Wings Up is one of those franchises that make some pretty good wings.
tell you, their "Smiley Sandwich" is seriously amazing, beyond words, so good it should be illegal. I mean, if you are into, messy, saucy sandwiches, look no further than Wings Up.

I was first introduced to the Smiley through a co-worker and fell in love right away. It's a garlic baguette with a generous piece of boneless chicken, made in the same sauce as the wings. You also have the option of having the sauce anyway you want, as hot as you want. Always ensure you have a generous amount of napkins, bibs and that you are not wearing your good shirt because it is messy. I don't mean like it might drip. I mean that part of the sauce never makes it to your mouth, dripping good!

Their wings are pretty good as well. If you like a bite, stick to the hot wings as their medium is a little on the sweet side, but good wings nevertheless.

They have their own personalized wing boxes and blue cheese dipping containers so you know they mean business. So next time you are in the mood for some wings (or wing sandwich) and Wild Wings is closed, like today, give Wings Up a try and you won't be disappointed! I wasn't :)

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