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Capri Pizza

Capri Pizza
100 Dundas Street South
Cambridge, ON


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In her opinion:

This is authentic authentic as you are going to get outside of Italy or without an Italian nonna. The Ognibenes have owned this little piece of Italy in Cambridge since 1972 before Cambridge was even Cambridge.  The first time I had Capri, I knew we were going to have a long relationship.  It's never disappointed me.  The food is always consistently fresh and good!

Their pizzas have quite a following in Cambridge. This is not a gourmet pizza place, this is good non-commerialized pizza done in my hometown.  Spicy pepperoni, tangy sauce (made only by papa Ognibene), mozzarella cheese and the freshest toppings all on a made from scratch pizza pie dough. There's free delivery for the Galt area of Cambridge.

We don't normally order their pizza however...we order the best bruschetta in the whole world as far as I'm concerned.  This is not bruschetta bread...this is Rosario Bruschetta (named after Mr. Ognibene).  This is like a pizza with garlic sauce, tomatoes and parmigiano cheese.  My son's absolutely favourite thing on this planet.  This is so good.  The garlic sauce, tomatoes and right amount of parmigiano cheese make this an unforgettable combination of flavours when you bite into it.

I normally order their lasagna.  A huge portion of lasagna with homemade noodles, delicious meat sauce, parmigiano cheese and lots of mozzarella. This tastes so homemade Italian.  But today I didn't feel like I ordered the best meatball sub sandwich that you will ever eat in your entire life. 

Meatball Sub Sandwich
This meatball sub is oven baked. This is homemade delicious meatballs, homemade sauce, lots and lots of mozzarella cheese in a nice sub roll.  The cheese is gooey and the meatballs are well seasoned and absolutely delicious.

This is my idea of comfort food.  We love Capri pizza.  My son loves their bruschetta.  I love their lasagna and I really love their meatball sub sandwiches.  Give them a try and you'll see why we eat here. Afterall, Italian-Canadian eat here...which means that this is authentic! It's like nonna Ognibene is making it just for you.

In his opinion:

Capri is a beautiful Italian island in the gulf of Naples, but as I found out the hard way during my vacation to Italy, it is not pronounced Capri with highlight on the i, but kah-pr-ee. Same applies to the pants by the way...

Capri Pizza is a world away form the Sorrentine Peninsula but offers that cosy, familiar atmosphere that you normally find in Western European countries, especially the Latin ones. Originally on Elgin Street, it moved to its current location in 1984 as most people remember it nowadays. As you step inside, you feel like you are visiting a close relative and you are immediately made to feel at home. From the espresso bar, to the open view kitchen and even down to the big screen where Calcio (Italian soccer league) games are presented for the predominately Italian crowd.

Espresso bar - a cool hangout for the espresso aficionados.
The owners, the Ognibenes are very friendly, welcoming and talkative every time I visit this restaurant, which makes waiting for the food a fun experience.

On this occasion, I ordered the meat cannelloni which is one of my favourites. It is served as 4 cylinder cannelloni noodles, stuffed with meat and topped with lots of tomato sauce and melted mozzarella cheese. The flavour is very nice and the tomato sauce is not overpowering as some other Italian home made sauces I have tried. 

I also love their subs. The selection is as limited as you would expect in an Italian restaurant but the main ones are here, pizza and meatball. I must admit that these two are some of the best subs available out there. I recall taking my American cousins to Capri for subs. They had never had a pizza sub in their lifes (supposedly they don't exist in the States), or at least where they live. They were amazed at how good the pizza subs were and called them the best they had ever had, and all this from restaurateurs themselves.

They were doing the toasted sub bread way before any fast food sub places thought of doing it and the results are a perfectly baked sub, done in the same oven as the pizza. My favourite pizza and meatball sub anywhere.
You can also find the Italian staple dishes such as ravioli, lasagna, spaghetti, tortelini and penne.

Their pizza is legendary and a welcome disassociation from the "patented" pizza franchises that put out pizza in a assembly line fashion. It is a much closer Italian version that feels home made with the freshest of ingredients. Delivery is free within the city and their regular clients are a solid base of their business. You will often find a good part of the Ognibene family working there at any given time. The family atmosphere extends to the full staff as it is traditional in a good majority of Italian businesses.

So drop in to have a great espresso, order a pizza or some Italian food, eat in or have it to go. Don't forget to say CIAO to the Ognibenes (Rosario, Rosaria, Angelo and Liz) and Rob, and any other of the "family" that might be there at the time!

Buon Apetitto a tutti voi. Verdevi tutti li. Ciao

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