Friday, 17 February 2012

Mostly Thai Restaurant

Mostly Thai Restaurant
61 Ainslie Street North
Cambridge, ON


Image Courtesy of Mostly Thai Website

In her opinion:

This Friday has been rough...our little man is really sick and the last thing I wanted to tackle was "what's for dinner"? So when the food gods somehow suggested Thai food...I was really glad they did!

Thai food is a blend of several Southeast Asian traditions according to Wikipedia. I personally don't know a lot about Thai food aside from Pad Thai or Phat Thai and that it can be hot.

I am actually not a huge fan of Pad Thai. So, when we order from Mostly Thai, I always order the same thing, Seafood Udon. Udon is not's Japanese. Udon is a thick wheat-flour noodle. It's done very well by Mostly Thai. Mostly Thai serves other Asian specialties besides Thai food.

Their Seafood Udon is absolutely delicious.  Mostly Thai stir fries Udon noodles with seafood (calamari, shrimp and scallops) with celery, bean sprouts, carrots, sweet peppers and onions in a sate sauce.  There is a little heat in the sauce which is very nice not overpowering.

I really enjoy the flavours of the sate sauce and seafood which is succulent and delicious .  The udon noodles are always cooked perfectly.  This is an excellent dish.  Mostly Thai is a great option for take-out but they also offer the option to eat in!

In his opinion:

In the everlasting quest for good take out food in Cambridge, sometimes the restaurant selection can be limited outside of the usual standard pizza and Chinese. Although, the restaurant option around us is decent for a lack of a better word, it's unfortunate that the "to go" option does not apply to most of them.

Tonight after much deliberation (as usual), we cemented our Friday night stay at home evening with a take-out call to our local Thai spot, Mostly Thai!
The name implies that they serve other non-Thai dishes and indeed they do. They serve a mix of Asian dishes as well as vegetarian, curry and vermicelli dishes.

At the risk of being predictable and may I even dare "boring", I usually opt for their seafood Pad Thai. It is definitely the best Pad Thai I have ever had.
The seafood is plentiful and diverse with shrimp, scallops and squid in every bite. The stir fry noodles come with bean sprouts, green onions, egg and it is sprinkled with peanut throughout. At first glance it does look like any other Pad Thai you may have seen but this one is seasoned perfectly, the seafood is tender and fresh and the squeeze of the supplied lime makes it just perfect!

The owners are extremely friendly and very welcoming to their guests. The extensive menu goes on forever, 86 items last time I checked. There is certainly something for everyone and every taste. Many people I know come from the neighbouring cities to Cambridge to eat at Mostly Thai.  This is  probably because they love the selection and the very "Thai Tacky" decoration, giving you the feeling that you are somewhere in Thailand, well "mostly" in Thailand!

Image Courtesy of Mostly Thai Website

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