Sunday, 19 January 2014

The Crazy Canuck - Revisited

845 Weber Street North
Waterloo, ON


In her opinion:
This place is awesome...there's absolutely no doubt about it. The Crazy Canuck is Canadian Gourmet at its best...comfort and deliciousness all rolled up into one. We've already blogged about them...we've sent lots of friends there way...after all, anyone who can make a delicious fried dough dessert smothered in house made jam with cinnamon sugar and ice cream deserves the kudos that they receive! So when we found out that they had recently renovated...we found a reason for a return visit post!

The place looks great...they put in a few booths around the walls...which allowed for more seating. It looks like a classic diner now lined with old vinyl records on the wall. 

They also added a burger to their menu. After a tasting spree the guys decided to add their own take on what they feel is the best burger around...but I'll let Edgar go on about that since he ordered it.  What did I have...well...comfort food...what else?

I decided on the "Hot chicken sandwich with French fries". 

It was served open faced on white bread that had been lightly grilled on the cook top. The large chunks of white and dark chicken meat had been smothered in some absolutely delicious chicken gravy. These guys know how to do comfort extremely well and this dish did not disappoint. The fries were excellent as always.  Overall, an incredibly delicious hot chicken sandwich.

We also shared the above mentioned dessert...the snowshoe! This is perfection. This is ultimate comfort. A deep fried piece of dough covered in cinnamon sugar and smothered in a house-made apple-berry jam with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and sprinkled with more cinnamon sugar.

This is just so so good. I can easily have one everyday. It's really that addictive. 

Overall, I love the Crazy Canuck...Freddie and Jeremy are great guys and always make us feel welcome. I don't give olive ratings but just based on service and everything I have eaten there...I would give them 5 olives out of 5 olives...but it's not my olives that count!

In his opinion:
The Crazy Canuck has become a place that I desire every time I want a meal that tastes good, is innovative yet familiar and doesn't break the bank. I'm there quite often and have recommended many of my friends to do the same, including everyone at work.

These visits are always fantastic, culminating in a great experience, great food and a quick visit to our table by one of the owners, Jeremy or Freddy. The great customer service is also another reason for the success of this restaurant, the staff is very pleasant and informative about the food.

After taking a quick look at the newly revamped menus and yes. they have several (poutine menu, main menu and specials menu), I was easily persuaded into ordering the burger simply called "The Crazy Canuck". This is something new to their menu and it had evoked a lot of thought and research to make it just right. I sipped on my usual Mill St. Organic beer as I looked around, checking out the renos while waiting for my meal wondering just how good it would be.

The burger is a good size, double patties, double bacon, 2 kinds of cheese and frizzled onions for a texture kick. When asked if I needed ketchup, I kindly refused as a $14.50 burger should never need anything on it to taste good (but tastes do vary). The burger itself has a great presentation, was quite juicy and tender to the bite. It also passed my bite the patty only test.  It had good flavours on its on.  It is a large burger but never felt awkward to bite but maybe that's just my big mouth!

This burger itself is worth the drive to North Waterloo and will satisfy any red blooded Canadian with a craving for a great tasting juicy burger made with a lot of care. I will stop short of saying it's the best burger I have ever had (and I have had many) but it is indeed one of the best you can have in our fine region and a great flagship meal for this restaurant.

I should also add that they have enclosed the former open patio space adjacent to the restaurant and are working on making it a natural addition to the restaurant that can be used all seasons long. It will really expand the seating capacity and bring a new look to the former patio.

The Good: Great additions to the menu, still the same great atmosphere and relaxed Canadian feel.
The Bad: During the busy hours, this restaurant screams for more seating, but covering the patio will help that a lot.
The Verdict: Personally, I believe that the renovations came from their insatiable need to improve on everything they do. There was nothing wrong with it before but in order to stay fresh like their menus, a small revamp was in order and it looks fantastic. The burger was a winner and the inside of the restaurant is fresher, lighter without losing its Canadian-rooted base.

I give it 4 out of 5 Olives as rating

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