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Le Lapine Sauté

52, Rue du Petit-Champlain
Quebec City, Quebec


In her opinion:
We took a day out of our Montreal foodie adventure to visit Quebec City. It has been on my bucket list for a while and Edgar thought it was time to check it off. Our trip to Quebec City basically meant that we were visiting old Quebec or the area within the walled city. Where to eat becomes a bit of a challenge because a lot of these places are geared to the hoards of tourist that visit this beautiful city every year. What to do...what to do...well, I checked out Urbanspoon's Quebec City list and found a place that was popular with both tourists and foodies alike. The solution - Le Lapin Sauté (the rabbit jumped)!

I feel guilty every time I eat rabbit! I can't help myself...they're so cute and cuddly but oh so delicious, especially when braised or made into a rabbit rillette. I apologize to all rabbit pet owners! If it makes you feel better - I was completely guilty as I devoured my lunch at Le Lapin Saute!

I started with a Boréale Blanche, a light wheat beer with notes of citrus and spice. I really enjoyed this Quebec beer.

I decided to pick off the lunch specials menu - I got Rabbit Rillette on a Kaiser served with french fries and greens. Part of the lunch specials menu means you get to also choose between the soup of the day or a lovely beet and feta salad. I chose the beet and feta salad.

The beet and feta salad was served in a small canning jar. It consisted on thinly sliced beets with spinach and a sprinkling of feta cheese. It was light and refreshing.

My main dish, the Rabbit Rillette on a Kaiser consisted of a lovely rabbit rillette or paté-like rabbit spread on a bun. It was served with fries and greens. Everything was well seasoned and delicious.

As part of the lunch menu you also get a hot beverage which I gave to Edgar and the option to buy the dessert of the day for $2.25 extra. Dessert on this day was a small creme brulé which we decided to get.

This creme brulé was more of sayabon then a custard with a brunt sugar topping. I liked it because it was light but I wouldn't call it creme brulé!

Overall, this was a good lunch and I'm glad that we ate here.

In his opinion:
I unfortunately have had a few disappointing meals in Quebec City, including probably the worst poutine ever, go figure that I have had bad poutine in Quebec of all places. When looking for a place to eat this time around I wanted to ensure I did not fall into any tourist traps which is a hard thing to do in this tourist filled town.

In comes Le Lapine Saute, the rabbit filled menu restaurant that caters to both tourists and foodies alike. You guessed it, rabbit is their speciality and you can have it pretty much anyway you like it. There are rabbit decorations everywhere outside the restaurant while inside I got the log cabin feel. We chose to eat on the patio (a l'exterieur).

I started off with a local bear, Boreale Blanche, a self titled Natural Ale that tasted very good. It poured a nice body, yellow and hazy with citrus and wheat flavours. As I browsed the menu, the many flavours of rabbit were a bit overwhelming and made it hard to make a decision. 

Still with the bad taste in my mouth left by the "bad poutine" I had on my last trip to Quebec City, I saw this as a perfect way for this city to redeem itself from that dreadful day. I obviously picked the "Poutine de Lapine" (Rabbit Poutine). This poutine is served with a two mustards sauce (deux moutardes) besides the excellent creamy gravy full of tasty rabbit bits. The fries were cut fresh and fried perfectly while the cheese curds were soft with a bit of a bite to them.

I did manage to sneak a few bites of my better half's creme brulee dessert and that was fantastic, both the stealing and the taste of course. To finish my meal I ordered an espresso and low and behold it was actually good. Must be a Quebec thing as I struggle often to find a good espresso in Ontario.

The Good: Rabbit, rabbit and more rabbit in the most unlikely places. The service was good at least for Quebec standards and the food was very good.
The Bad: The line-ups at any given time of the day. 
The Verdict: A good option when in Quebec City, one of the best in the lower town. The menu doesn't only have rabbit and that's good news to non-rabbit lovers. 

I give it 3 1/2 out of 5 Olives as rating

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