Saturday, 9 March 2013

The Bleu Turtle Breakfast Bistro

215 St. Paul Street West
St. Catharines, Ontario


In her opinion:
What do foodies do when they are enjoying a wonderful meal? Why think about where to have their next great meal of course! So when we were enjoying our Fabulicious dinner at Ravine Vineyard Bistro, we of course asked our waiter about a great spot for breakfast. After some thought he suggested the Bleu Turtle Breakfast Bistro. He explained that it was fabulous and a true foodie delight.

The next morning we left our hotel and took off in pursuit of this fabulous breakfast place. After a few turns and misses, we finally arrived at our destination. As we walked in, we were greeted by our friendly waitress/hostess who came over to take our drink orders.

After our drink orders were taken, she gave us some time to check out the menu. We had already studied it the night before, so I think most of us knew what we wanted.

I ordered one of the two most popular dishes on the menu according to our server...the "crab cake with poached eggs, avocado salsa, toast and potato".

This was so delectable. It almost felt sinful having something this delicious for breakfast! The crab cake was excellent. Full of flavour. The avocado salsa was beyond words. So so good. It was like having an excellent chunky guacamole. This salsa made the whole dish in my opinion. The eggs were perfectly poached. The potatoes were a refreshing change from the normal fried breakfast potatoes. The toast was a delicious house made honey whole wheat which were served with a house made strawberry jam.

The Bleu Turtle Breakfast Bistro is an incredible restaurant for anyone who loves breakfast and excellent innovative cuisine. Chef Robby and his entire staff make for a truly unforgettable dining experience.

In his opinion:
It's always good when someone gives a good tip on a restaurant and it works out to be a great experience! Let's face it, dining tastes are a subjective thing and not everyone likes the same things, hence why tips are risky.

Luckily for us, it ended up that this person had the same outlook as us, wanting to share a good tip and also knew what he was talking about. So...we ended up in St Catharines, in what seemed like the "wrong" part of town but actually turned out quite quaint and in a great spot for breakfast.
The Bleu Turtle Breakfast Bistro is truly a gem and a foodie's dream. The menu is diverse with dishes that stand out from the usual breakfast types.

You could actually miss it if you weren't looking for it. It's tucked away on a street corner, without a splashy storefront like some restaurants but rest assured that the inside makes up for it. It's a nice layout, with limited seating especially since it's not a huge place but tastefully decorated, turtles on the wall included.

One quick look at the menu and a light beamed towards one dish. It's not everywhere that you find a dish like "Lobster Benedict" so I was hooked and had to have it. Now I'm just as skeptical as anyone else when it comes to having lobster in this a part of the country that is landlocked, and especially in a place I have never been before but I bit the bullet and went for it.

The dish was visually appealing and simple in its creation. Straightforward in its composition and leaving me to uncover all the layers of flavour, after the menu simply stated "Lobster Benny/Potato".

The white bread on the bottom was toasted just slightly to crisp up in texture and the hollandaise sauce was flavourful but not overpowering, letting the lobster play the main part of the flavours. The lobster itself was very good, a mix of shredded with chunky pieces of lobster and a perfect addition to the soft poached eggs, that ran their yoke into the soaking bread below.

The coffee itself was very good and so was the orange juice that was not quite freshly squeezed but far from minute maid in a box. Staff was friendly and attentive. The place quickly filled up after our arrival, many of them with reservation which is probably the only way to go if you want to have breakfast here.

The Good: Great place, sort of a hidden gem. Good menu, friendly staff and well executed food.
The Bad: Limited seating makes them turn away a lot of patrons without reservations.
The Verdict: I really hope that I get to try this place for lunch or dinner because breakfast left a great taste in my mouth (pun intended). The recommendation was spot on, great food, diverse menu and simplicity in its dishes. A must in St. Catharines, especially for their "known" foodie friendly menus.

I give it 3 1/2 out of 5 Olives as rating.

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