Friday, 15 March 2013

Dee's Bakery

118 St. Andrew Street
Cambridge, ON


In her opinion:
I was very curious when a sign went up saying, "Opening Soon - Dee's Bakery - Butter Tarts to Die For". I think the humour in all of this is the fact that Dee's is right next to Coutt's Funeral Home. Some people in Cambridge thought it was so funny, they even sent videos to Ellen! But in reality...that has been Dee's Bakery slogan even before they opened up next to the funeral home.

Dee's butter tarts have been available at 97 General Store for as long as I can remember. I just didn't know that these were the same butter tarts that they were referring to on the funny sign.

We stopped in on a Sunday afternoon. I could see one of the dough rollers busy at work through the window. I had heard how good these butter tarts were...and every time I drove by, I always noted that the parking lot was always full. 

But proof is in the I ordered two raisin butter tarts - a classic combo of flavour! 

Well they were absolutely delicious. The crust was flaky and buttery. The filling was perfection. So delicious. I liked the sweet addition of the raisins. Overall, a perfect butter tart. I don't know if I would die for one...but they are really good!

In his opinion:

Okay, I will skip the jokes about "butter tarts to die for" and the funeral home beside it, although I think it's pretty funny. Usually when I think good butter tarts in my region, Mennonites butter tarts are what comes to mind. They are famous for their tarts and people come form far and wide to have them.

Could it be that non-Mennonites could replicate the velvety, smooth buttery tarts that we have grown to love? Only one way to find out...Stopped in at Dee's Bakery to find out what the fuss was about and at first glance it looks more like a French Patisserie than a butter tart store...whatever that is suppose to look like. Nevertheless, it's has a colourful exterior, with a pink door, pink awning and a pink theme that continues on the inside.

I promise that I will get to the tarts promptly...but I want to highlight the retro look inside with many "back in the day" artifacts and props, making you think you have literally gone back in time. More pink inside leads to the counter where the "goodies" are on display. Yes, they do have more than butter tarts and carry a good variety of items from quiche, to turnovers and also cookies and pies.

Now to the tarts. They are extremely good and rival some of the best I have ever had, either in our "English" world or in the Mennonite one. The inside is "buttery" smooth and the crust is flaky without being to hard. Almost a perfect butter tart and it would have been one if it had pecans instead of the raisins.

I understand that most of their business is done outside of the store with catering and delivering sweets to parties and gatherings but, I believe that it is well worth going inside this gem to feel it for yourself.
Can't wait to go back and try some more of their items...and soon I hope.
What are you waiting for? Off you go to get!

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