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Walkers Fish Market

Walker's Fish Market
6531 Mississauga Road
Mississauga, ON


Photo courtsey of Walkers Fish Market Twitter Account
In her opinion:
We needed a great place to eat when we agreed to meet up with friends that we had met on our holiday this year to St. Lucia. It had been the first time that we had seen them in months and since we were in the Toronto area for the day we picked a restaurant in Mississauga. We originally agreed to meet at Gabriel's Restaurant but they happened to be closed on Sundays. So, while waiting for our friends, we looked across Gabriel's parking lot and noticed Walkers Fish Market.

It looked open! That was a good start! It looked nice from the outside and once we checked their menu...that too looked good.  So, when our friends arrived we suggested Walkers Fish Market and they agreed.

Having had a memorable brunch at Hopgood's Foodliner, we opted to share a bunch of appetizer and have a tapas style dinner.  We ordered Walkers Mussels in the White Wine, Cajun Fried Calamari, Blue Crab Shrimp Cakes and Shrimp Tacos with a side of Fries.

The Walkers Mussels were cooked in white wine, parsley and butter. They were absolutely delicious. Garlic and white wine are the perfect partners to mussels in my opinion and these did not disappoint.

The Blue Crab and Shrimp Cakes are described on the menu as "panko crusted and crispy fried cakes, chipotle aioli, guacamole and pico de gallo salsa. These were outstanding. The cakes themselves were out of this world. It was easy to detect the shrimp and crab. It was very flavourful. The aioli, salsa and guacamole added a nice Mexican twist to these crab cakes.

The Cajun Fried Calamari is described as "coated in Cajun flour and crisp fried, garlic aioli and fresh lemon". I was a little worried that the Cajun flavour would be overwhelming...but that wasn't the case at all. It was a subtle delicious flavour. The garlic aioli was an excellent accompaniment.

The Shrimp Tacos were served with either a side salad or French Fries. They are described on the menu as "crispy shrimp, guacamole, shredded lettuce, pico de gallo, fresh coriander, chipolte aioli and grilled flour tortilla. These were very nice. The shrimp was abundant and the flavour was nice. I am not a huge fan of the iceberg lettuce...I personally think it's a waste of a vegetable so it did nothing to enhance the flavour of the tacos. Another thing that I wasn't a big fan of was the grilled tortillas. I found them kind of dry.

Overall, I enjoyed our "tapas" dinner at Walkers Fish Market. Our friends had the "Shrimp Tacos" as a main with a side salad and the "Tuscan Roast Chicken" which is described on the menu as "lemon rosemary seasoned half boneless chicken roasted with tomatoes, black olives, caramelized onions and artichoke hearts, herb risotto and dark chicken jus". 

Tuscan Roast Chicken
They both enjoyed their meals very much. I wouldn't hesitate to return to Walkers Fish Market.

In his opinion:
We came across this place by pure coincidence. Friends had decided to meet us for dinner on the opposite side of the parking lot but that restaurant was closed and this seemed like a great alternative after quickly browsing the menu posted outside.

As the name implies, Walker's Fish Market specializes in fish and seafood but has some land choices as well. At first glance, the inside of the restaurant is clean and spacious with a mix of modern decorations and some nautical theme accessories. The decor suffers a bit from split personality as it is predominately sleek, clean lines and lighter wood and then there's a small part that is Red Lobster style.

This restaurant franchise has 4 locations, Mississauga North (Streetsville), Mississauga South (Dundas St.), Milton and Burlington. We ate at the Streetsville, Mississauga location this time around.

The menu is extensive featuring appetizers, sandwiches and rolls, Walker's favourites, fresh oysters, salads, catch of the day and battered seafood to choose from.

We decided to order just a bunch of appetizers to have a chance to try more food and also not overfill ourselves. We had a marvelous brunch earlier in the day and were still full from that meal.

We shared the "Walker's Mussels in the White Wine", "Cajun Fried Calamari", "Blue Crab Shrimp Cakes" and "Shrimp Tacos with a side of Fries". The mussels were very well done in a crisp riesling wine and loads of garlic. Delicious from the first taste, the sauce was a great match to the fresh mussels that were loosely sprinkled with fresh parsley. The cajun calamari was crispy fried and coated in Cajun flower, yet still tender and with soft batter. In my opinion the Garlic Aioli is the real champion in this dish as it allows the crispiness of the calamari to be suited by the creaminess of the sauce.

The blue crab and shrimp crab cakes were delicious. I find it so hard to find a decent crab cake as usually they are not fresh or dare I say "frozen", but these felt, smelled and tasted nothing like that. They were soft, melt in your mouth goodness that was matched with salsa and guacamole? The Mexican twist came as a bit of a curve ball but somehow it all worked very well.

Finally, the shrimp tacos were very good and full of flavour. We have all had those tacos that rely on the sauce for a punch of flavour but these were very good. Again they are served with guacamole and pico de gallo and have me scratching my head with the Mexican connection, that doesn't seem to make sense. Sense or not, they were very good.

I would return to this restaurant anytime a seafood/fish craving came near me and I'm sure I would have a lot of choices to fulfill my Ocean desires. 

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  1. mmm I love seafood! Can't wait to try this place out!


  2. It seems a little franchise...but they make excellent food!