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Pupuseria Latinos

Pupuseria Latinos
25 Eby Street
Kitchener, Ontario


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In her opinion:
I love pupusas they are comfort food at their best. I've had pupusas at the KW Multi-Cultural Festival and I've had pupuas at Latino America grocery store but I had never actually been to a pupuseria until today!

There's a pupuseria in downtown Kitchener and this little El Salvadorian hot spot also serves some North American and Mexican items. 

We started by ordering our drinks. For me it was a Mexican classic...a mango jarritos (which we discovered during our visit that our 6 years old absolutely hates!)...go figure. I rather enjoyed the not too sweet flavour.

We decided to order the chicken tacos and three different kinds of pupusas to share. We had the chicharron, chicharron with cheese and beans and cheese.

The tacos were delicious. The chicken was flavourful and it was topped with tomatoes, cilantro and crema. They were fresh tasting and delicious.

The pupusas were out of this world good! The beans and cheese was delicious. Very delicious. The chicharron pupusa was very flavour  and perfectly seasoned. But my absolute favourite was the chicharron and cheese. The delicious pork meat paste with cheese. What else could you ask for. The dough was perfect

The restaurant had Tres Leche Cake advertised for dessert. I've never had Tres Leche Cake but have often salivated over it whenever the recipe appears in magazines or cookbooks. So we ordered it.

Well, let me start by's heaven! Even our super picky 6 year old that hates everything out of the ordinary loved this cake. It was light and airy with the delicious taste of the three milks. So so good. It was unbelievable. We will definitely return  to Pupuseria Latinos for the Tres Leche Cake and those heavenly pupusas!

In his opinion:
I'm not sure if this is a local coincidence or this is a normal occurrence elsewhere but our region has a vast amount of Mexican restaurants that serve a mix of Mexican/El Salvadorian food. Pupusas seem to be the food of choice on the El Salvadorian part of these restaurants and the usual staples like tacos and burritos from the Mexican side.

Pupuseria Latino is first and foremost an El Salvadorian restaurant (as the name implies) and it's a little gem in downtown Kitchener, in a side street, cornering Charles and Eby. It's a typical family run Latino restaurant, with limited seating. It has a charming appeal and oddly not very Latin decorated, apart from the Mexican hat on the wall and the El Salvador flag draped behind the front counter.

NOTE ABOVE- The Pepsi in a Coca-Cola glass.....priceless.

I had visited this restaurant many times and the consistency of their friendly, fast service along with their flavourful food makes me return every time. We ordered a medley of pupusas and some chicken tacos to share. We ordered chicharron, chicharron with cheese and bean and cheese pupusas and they were all very good. Still steaming hot, super fresh and ready to be eaten, these pupusas didn't even need the usual watery tomato salsa that comes with them, but the sauce did compliment them very well.

The Chicharron (fine shredded seasoned pork in El Salvador) is the clear winner in this game. It tastes so fresh and goes perfectly with the flour tortilla and the cheese (Quesillo). The Revueltas pupusas, (conveniently called pupusas with beans and cheese in this restaurant, were also very good.

For dessert we ordered a slice of the "tres leches" that lives up to its reputation. I had heard about this cake but had never tried it, and now know  that it was a mistake to have waited so long. It was delicious, creamy and even my picky 6 year old was enjoying it. It was made perfectly and tasted fresh as if it was just made for us, while we ate.

The Pupuseria is well worth the visit and will satisfy anyone looking for good pupusas, soft tacos, enchiladas, huevos, nachos and quesadillas. However, those people that are looking for the less Ethnic food will also be delighted since poutine, pancakes and fish and chips are also on the menu!

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