Saturday, 2 June 2012


3 Queen Street East
Cambridge, ON


In her opinion:
I never wanted to use this blog in order to rant but something happened today which upset me beyond belief. I love food and I love to blog about the places I eat at so that other people can enjoy it as well. So when a friend's sister suggested Montys in the Hespeler area of Cambridge, we were super excited to try this tapas heavy place. We love tapas and are not often able to enjoy these little Spanish delights.

On Saturday at 6:00pm we walked into this restaurant that advertises on their website that "we are an ideal spot to relax, unwind, and enjoy a meal with friends and family; or for your next major event or corporate party" and were told "we have a certain atmosphere and don't allow children"!! Are you kidding advertise that it's a perfect spot for family...what your adult family? The bartender eventually said we could have a table...we turned around and walked out.  

How ridiculous! This is a tapas joint not a five star fine dining restaurant and by the child has eaten in those as well. The Grand Vefour, a three Michelin star restaurant in Paris welcomed our son with open arms. Chef Marc Thuet has cooked for my son at his fine dining restaurant. Martin Picard has fed my six year old. Who the hell do you think you are? Your loss...I will be writing about you but it's to tell people not to go there!

In his opinion:

Hespeler is not my favourite part of Cambridge I must admit but I am all for highlighting local food and eateries, regardless of the city location.

We all know that this part of town needs all the help they can get to invite people to visit, so as soon as someone tells me that I should try and blog about a local restaurant, I like to oblige.

As we entered this so called "place to enjoy with your family", the faces of staff at the bar gave us a preview of what was to come. After asking us if we wanted a table for 3, the guy at the bar tells us that we are not the type of place for children because they have a certain atmosphere.....really? The lady sitting at the first table by the window, was missing her front teeth and looked like she left her better clothes at her trailer. Also, the restaurant windows looked like they have 2 year old grime on them. Atmosphere?????Seriously?
Wow, how crazy of me to bring my child at 6:00 PM to such a "luxurious place" in "posh" downtown Hespeler. Give me a break!

My son has been well accepted and welcomed at many fine dining establishments around the world, like Eric Ripert's 5 diamond restaurant Blue and including celebrity chef's Chuck Hughes' "Garde Manger" in Montreal that only has a bar license and shouldn't cater to anyone under 18.

This place will not be getting my business ever, and I strongly suggest that they remove from their website the barbarity that "it is a perfect place for family" and change it to whatever is appropriate in their heads.
It's not like I showed up at a pub at 9:00 pm with a child. I was there to try their food and blog about it.

Luckily this doesn't happen very often but I recall just one other place that said this to us. It was Truffles Restaurant at the Four Seasons in Toronto and they closed their doors 3 months later. Good riddance!

Don't go!

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