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Lancaster Smokehouse Southern BarBQue

Lancaster Smokehouse Southern BarBQue
574 Lancaster Street
Kitchener, Ontario


In her opinion:
I love barbeque! There are tonnes of places in Toronto that do really good barbeque but not too many in our region. However, over the last few months they have slowly sprung up. Lancaster Smokehouse is owned by the same people that own Hog Tails Southern BBQ(read our post here) and they make really good bbq. 

We waited for about 20 minutes to be seated...not bad for a Saturday evening! We were greeted by our attentive waitress right away.  Both Edgar and I ordered our favourite, a pint of Mill Street Organic to quench our thirst.

I ordered the "Piggy Platter" as my main course. The piggy platter is described on the menu as "their hog tails, smoked then oven roasted in their secret pigtail sauce". They guarantee that the pigtails are burstin' with fall off the bone tenderness! They are served with two sides and corn bread.

I ordered red beans and rice and jalapeno hush puppies as my sides. The beans and rice was very delicious. The hush puppies were nice and they were served with a creamy remoulade sauce. The corn bread is sweet, moist and wonderful. It was bursting with flavour.  The pigtails themselves were heaven, if you can say that about pigtails. Full of flavour and absolutely outstanding. Comfort at its best.

We ordered our little "Piglet" some piglet chow...his kid's meal consisted of macaroni and cheese, pulled pork, corn bread and a drink.

Well, as a foodie it disappoints me a great deal that my child looked at this beautiful plate of food and went "Yuck". Yes, I said "Yuck"! Macaroni and cheese is bright orange in his world. Corn bread is not on his list of acceptable foods and well, pulled pork is pulled pork. Enough said.  Needless to say, I had an excellent lunch at work on Monday! This was a huge portion...really too much for a child. Even a day and a half later the macaroni and cheese was excellent. Creamy and delicious. The pulled work was so so good. Absolutely delicious. 

I am really happy with the Lancaster Smokehouse and I am especially happy that they are just a short drive away to get really good bbq!!!

In his opinion:
Lancaster Smokehouse is in all honesty the bigger but younger brother to Hog Tails, as it is the same owner and you can also find many of the same dishes. Even the website is somewhat shared for the two of them.

They both specialize in BBQ and have a substantial menu to give you many choices of BBQ dishes, the selection seems infinite.

Having tried Hog Tails and liking it a lot, I really wanted to try the Lancanster Smokehouse for measure. I had driven by a couple of times and the amazing smell (coming from their outdoor smoker I presume), was highly appealing.

On this day we arrived in the evening and the parking lot was overflowing as usual. We were told 20 minute wait and it was pretty accurate.

Although it came in a "Flying Monkey" glass, Mill St. Organic was the choice for the pint beer this evening. I really can't seem to get enough of this beer, smooth, crisp and well rounded, perfect summer beer if you ask me.

After browsing the menu, I opted for the "Texas Beef Brisket". Before I explain the dish, let me convey that this is not the kind of place you can order multiple plates as the portions are huge and don't allow for much room for anything after eating them. So that also means not a good place for calorie counters...or vegetarians for that matter! Well, their loss...

The Texas beef brisket was extremely good. I chose sweet potato fries and Cajun corn for my two side dishes. The Cajun corn was full of flavour with some spice and pepper thrown in the mix. 

The brisket itself was tender, juicy and came apart very easily as good brisket should. Their staple corn bread is divine and always plays an important part in the meal. It's that unwritten rule that corn bread must go with BBQ, and theirs is very good.

The Good: BBQ heaven a short drive from home, can't ask for much more.
The Bad: Wait times on prime days (which speaks to it's popularity). Also limited parking.
The Verdict: Perhaps in my opinion the best BBQ place in the region. Has an extensive menu, great service and live music on selected nights.

I give it 3 1/2 Olives out of 5 as rating.

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