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LA Franks

LA Franks
104 Water Street
Cambridge, Ontario


In her opinion:
LA Frank's is the first sign of spring in Cambridge.  As soon as the nice weather hits LA Frank's opens its doors from 11:00 am to 9:00 pm weather permitting.  This little gem has been in business for 20 years and was recently featured in the KW record. We think of it as our warm weather go to spot.  It's next to the river which makes it a favourite with our little man.  

So, on our first visit of this 2012 season we decided to blog about this hot dog stand on steroids. LA Frank's has a hot dog menu with an extensive specialty topping menus.  The same thing exists for burgers and french fries. The have quite a few specialty malted milkshakes to pick from as well. And finally lets not forget their huge ice cream menu which happens to be 1/2 off at the moment.

Today I decided to order the "Big Blue 1/4 pound hot dog".  It is described on their menu as J.M. Schneider hot dog with blue cheese sauce, tomato and bacon.

This hot dog was so delicious. The blue cheese sauce is not overpowering.  The tomato adds the right amount of freshness and well, everything tastes better with bacon on it.  So good.  I will definitely be having another of these big guys this summer.

We also order something new from their menu to share. We ordered the "BBQ Pork Poutine".  This was a lovely medium sized fries covered with grated cheddar / mozzarella cheese, gravy and topped with BBQ pulled pork.

We've tried quite a few pulled pork poutines and I have to say that this poutine at LA Frank's was by far the best within the Ontario borders. Their fresh cut fries made the difference and the pulled BBQ pulled pork was just exceptional. I loved it.

I really do love LA Frank's.  It's our little beach shack on the river. Give it a try. You will definitely like it!!!

In his opinion:
Sometimes I wonder what to do with all that Canadian Tire money that I accumulate. I could just go to Canadian Tire and buy something I don't really need, but here is a better idea. Use it at LA Frank's. Yes, LA Frank's the seasonal Food/Ice Cream spot located in downtown Galt takes Canadian Tire money at par, how cool is that?

This place is one of our favourite spots for a quick bite in Cambridge, and judging by the line-ups every time we go there, it's everyone else's favourite as well. It's ideal location on the banks of the Grand River and near the picturesque Mill Race Park, contribute to the great experience that is eating at this so called "concession booth". One of the owner's Blair Bender, that used to own Cafe 13, started this business to give his kids a chance to make money for school and they haven't look back since. Now, in it's 20th year it's extremely popular and going stronger than ever.

The menu is extensive and offers a tremendous choice of hot dogs, burgers, shakes, ice cream and fries. You won't find any "home made" type of burgers there, but it is excellent quality and the fries are hand cut, which is a plus.

I myself love their burgers and crave them quite often. It is a nonsense, soft and juicy patty, on fresh bread with fresh toppings and condiments. This time around I had the "Big Blue Burger" (with blue cheese and bacon) and it was impeccable. The buns are super soft, the patty is buttery and spongy and the blue cheese gave it the extra texture to balance the fluffiness of the patty. It is one of those mouthwatering burgers at first sight, and lives up to the expectations with taste and flavours.

I also ordered the BBQ pork poutine and that is a definite winner in my books. The fries are fresh, crisp on the outside and soft on the inside and the topping of BBQ pork just elevates it to the next level. The seasoning of the pork is perfect, giving the extra taste to the fries but never overpowering the original fresh fries taste. They also have many other "toppings" for the fries besides BBQ pork, like chunky chili and cheese and perogie and baked potato fries, just in case you are not the original fries type of person.

Their shakes are legendary and offer a great selection as well like, "Black and White" (chocolate/French vanilla with honey, milk and rich Belgium chocolate sauce) and "Choco Bananarama" (chocolate banana).

Basically,  this is the type of place you would find right on an ocean shore, but here, without the ocean and with a river instead. It is a staple for all who love a quick burger/hot dog and don't want to start their own BBQ. From early spring to mid fall, LA Frank's will be serving up tasty treats to all that make their way to downtown Galt in Cambridge. A must try for the outdoors lovers and those that appreciate "quick backyard food " in a totally different way. 

*Just a reminder that they have amazing ice cream and don't forget your Canadian Tire money.....

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