Thursday, 17 May 2012

Curry in A Hurry - Cambridge

Curry in a Hurry
14 Queen Square
Cambridge, Ontario


In her opinion:
I was so excited as a drove by on Queens Square and caught a glimpse of the store front which read Curry in a Hurry.  I made Edgar turn around to get a take out menu.  I even went into work (Friday, May 4, 2012) and shared my joy with a fellow Indian food lover. Wow, talk about a let down.

We ordered two dinner entrees.  "Chicken Curry" and "Butter Chicken" were our picks.  The "Chicken Curry" is described as chicken in a seasoned curry sauce in their take-out menu. And the "Butter Chicken" is described as chicken marinated in ginger, garlic, and yogurt, cooked with butter and cream. We picked rice and bread as our side dishes. You get one side with each dinner entree.

Well, as I alluded to in my intro, this was very disappointing. The amount of food that we got was ridiculous for the price. We could have gone to Modern Indian and had all you could eat for about the same price. The taste of the food was also quite disappointing. Another reason to have gone to Modern Indian...I know it's not a favourite with the East Indian populations but for me the food tastes great. The curry and the butter chicken sauce tasted almost identical. Hey folks, I love Indian food and know that this is not suppose to be the case. The naan bread looked like it came from a package rather then a tandoori oven. The rice was simply white rice with peas in it. There was no flavour.

I will not be ordering from Curry in a Hurry again. It's a shame that this Indian place in West Galt didn't work out...but oh well, the drive to Hespeler Road, Brantford or Kitchener is not that far.

Multiply this plate times 2 for $27.00...definitely not cheap.
In his opinion:
My excitement from having an Indian place open up just down the street from your house was quite high. I myself, was very happy to be able to pick up some Indian food without having to drive too far, and at a moments notice. Enter Curry in a Hurry...the small chain of Indian food that seems to be in every town I visit. I had previously tried Curry in a Hurry in Guelph and although it was not an out of this world experience, was good enough to kill my Indian food cravings.

I walked in, browsed the menu for a few minutes and was greeted by a very nice man that was ready to take my order.The menu contains the usual suspects for entrĂ©es (butter chicken, curry goat, chicken or beef, chicken Korma and Vindaloo). There are also appetizers ranging from Pakora, Samosas to Papadum and Humus.

One of the questions that I was asked when ordering all my dishes was if I wanted it mild, medium or hot. That worried me because how can you consistently keep your food authentic when you have such a variation of spice. Seemed to me like it was Indian for "foreigners", trying to cater to bland taste buds. I like to taste food as it is originally made and if it's too hot or too bland, it's ok as long as it maintains the traditional taste.

I ordered butter chicken and chicken curry and to tell you the truth, the portions were very small for the price. They were supposedly dinner portions at $11.50 and $10.75 respectively, and were barely enough for one person. The taste was the most disappointing part of it all, as I barely could tell which one was which. The butter chicken wasn't creamy and the spice was very bland. The chicken curry was just as disappointing as the spice wasn't curry like at all and without any type of spice to it. Again the portions were small and disappointing overall. As if the ordeal was not going downhill enough, the naan bread looked like the type you buy at the grocery store, bland, pancake shaped and dull.

I would hope this was just an off day for this establishment but unfortunately I don't think so. I would like to try some other stuff to be able to complete my opinion and give it one more chance but 3 out of 3 bad things selected make me weary of repeating this restaurant. Given the amazing Indian food choices within 10-20 minutes of this establishment, one would have to be very hard up for Indian food, to choose this establishment as a choice for a meal. I can't recommend this place based on my experience eating their food. Sadly, I will be in a "hurry" to miss it. 

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  1. I am sad to read this review(because there was no second chance given) but I understand.

    I too was so excited to see a Curry in A Hurry 5 minutes from my house! But I gave them a second chance after 1 bad experience, and I don't regret it one bit! My feeling was that they were brand new and learning portions and possibly flavors!

    They are the nicest people! Always friendly and the food is made "In A Hurry" and the quality has gone up times 10!

    I find their portions to be good. I ordered 3 dinner items and it fed 3 adults with leftovers.

    I really hope you read this and try it out again!