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Spinnaker's Restaurant and Beach Bar 
Reduit Beach
Rodney Bay, St. Lucia


In her opinion:

Leave it to a couple of foodies to go on an all-inclusive holiday and end up eating outside the resort!  We spent the week before Easter in St. Lucia's Smugglers Cove Resort and Spa in Cap Estate. We rent a car which allowed us a certain amount of freedom and of course we took it. We spent a bit of time in Rodney Bay and their wonderful Reduit Beach.  

Reduit Beach is an awesome stretch of golden sand beach with some wonderful places to grab a quick bite or an delicious dinner. During one of our beach days we decided to get lunch at Spinnaker's Restaurant and Beach Bar.  This place was hopping with tourists, cruise ship passengers and a few locals there to partake of a few beverages or something to eat.

We were seated right away in a corner table in this open air restaurant.  The menu is a chalk board with the daily specials placed in the middle of the room.

After ordering a couple of Pitons...St. Lucia's local beer and a mighty delicious brew if I say so myself, we ordered lunch.

I ordered the "Coconut Battered Shrimp with Rice and Salad".  This consisted of five large deep fried jumbo tiger shrimps in a coconut batter with a delicious side of rice and a small salad.  It was also served with a spicy tartar sauce.

I really enjoyed the shrimp.  It was so delicious.  The rice and salad were a nice accompaniment to the shrimp.

I enjoyed my lunch at Spinnaker's very much. It's a great place for lunch or drinks if you are ever in St. Lucia's Rodney Bay.

In his opinion:

The location of this restaurant couldn't be any better, on the waterfront, beach side to one of the best beaches in St Lucia, and indeed the most popular. The nautical theme is splashed throughout the restaurant, from sail boat pictures to surf boards, there are many pieces that decorate this wall-less restaurant. The thatch hanging roof gives it the expected exotic look you would expect in the South Pacific but it's the intention that counts I guess.

The Menu was mainly Seafood as expected and is  displayed on a chalkboard hanging on the western part of the Restaurant, requiring good distance vision or a walk over to the board.

This place is also popular for cruise ship people that get "brought" over to Reduit beach from their nearby Castries Cruise ship stay. Many of them also use it to have a Piton beer or two while escaping the burning sun of Rodney Bay or waiting for their taxi back to the ship.

After ordering a Piton beer to cool down and open the appetite, I browsed the Menu and decided to go with the fried Tilapia with Sweet Chili sauce. The Tilapia came battered and covered in a sweet, honey like sauce and topped with chilli. A small salad and Rice were the side dishes I picked to go along with the Fish. The Rice came in a cup shape (very 1980's) but it is a beach side grill, I didn't expect Michelin star presentation. 

The Fish was excellent, well prepared and worked well with the sweet chilli sauce but the salad lacked a bit of seasoning even though it was fresh.

Overall a decent meal, delivering what was expected for a seaside grill on a beach. There are many better selections along the main stretch of Rodney Bay but none right on the beach like this one.

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