Sunday, 15 April 2012

The Edge Restaurant

The Edge Restaurant
Harmony Suites Hotel
Rodney Bay Village, 
Rodney Bay, St. Lucia


In her opinion:

After a morning of shopping in Rodney Bay, we decided to grab lunch in the area rather then return to our resort. After driving around and checking out the available restaurants we decided on The Edge Restaurant in the heart of Rodney Bay Village.

The restaurant in nestled in the Harmony Suites Hotel and at the water's edge.  Great views of the marina and the surrounding area. If the food tasted as good as this place looked then we were in luck. After all, this is Bobo Bergstrom's Eurobbean restaurant and he was the Caribbean chef of the year in 2003.

We ordered a couple of beers to start and scanned their large lunch menu.  It was a difficult choice but I decided on the "Edge Fish Burger with house dressing, salad and Idaho farm-fries".

When this plate came out, I was absolutely shocked and delighted. I have eaten fish sandwiches across the Caribbean but I did not expect this presentation.  It looked beautiful on the plate.  Even the people that were being seated commented in awe of how good this looked.

It tasted excellent.  The fish was delicious and moist.  Very nicely seasoned with a little heat. The salad was very good. The potatoes were very nicely done.  Overall, a very good entree. 

We decided to share dessert. We ordered one of Edgar's favourites, the "Trio of Creme Brulee". It consisted of a classic vanilla, a chocolate chili and a rum version with a cinnamon swirl cookie. The creme brulees were really good.  I loved the classic vanilla the most but the flavour of the chocolate chili was so different and wonderful.

I loved the Edge Restaurant.  The setting was amazing, the food was excellent and the overall experience was wonderful.  Perfection in St. Lucia.

In his opinion:
The Edge is regarded by some as the best dining experience and some of the best fine dining in all of St Lucia. Its waterside, casual but elegant décor and setting doesn't necessarily scream fine dining but I assure you the food matches the title. It is located inside the Harmony Suites Hotel, literally at the water's edge and with such an amazing reputation after only 2 years of existence.

Chef Bobo Bergstrom (Caribbean Chef of the year 2003) wanted to open a  restaurant  that would combine his two food styles, Caribbean and European. That is how the "Eurobbean" style as he describes it, was born.

The restaurant serves excellent food from a variety of menus, depending on the day, or on the time of day. They have lunch-breakfast, sushi, dinner and dessert menus but also carry vegetarian dishes on demand.

We were given a table right on the water's edge, with excellent views of Rodney Bay and the beautiful St Lucia mountainous landscape in the background. There were only a few people at the restaurant at this point and they all seemed to be guests at the Hotel. Soon enough others came in from mostly Sandals and other Hotels on the island.

I started with a cool, refreshing Piton Beer (local St Lucian beer) that surely hit the spot and opened my appetite. After browsing the menu and debating a lot on what to have, I opted for the "Classic Pesto Pasta with Chicken'. The chicken was served in strips, among the pasta and surrounded by a creamy smooth pesto sauce that never overpowered the dish. It was a fresh dish, perfect for the beautiful surroundings and the cool water breeze that cools down the restaurant on a hot Caribbean day.

The shared "Trio of Creme Brulee" for dessert was outstanding. It was the perfect way to end this lunch before hitting the beach and enjoying the turquoise blue waters of the Caribbean. 

The Good: Excellent location, great menus and an amazing waters-edge view make this restaurant a must try in St Lucia, not really known for it's culinary scene.
The Bad: Not much bad at all, maybe it's secluded location would make someone else miss this restaurant in the Bay.
The Verdict: The setting, the food and the atmosphere make this place magical and my only regret was not returning for dinner, where I am sure the lights in the Bay would add to the experience in this beautiful restaurant.

I give it a 3 1/2 olives out of 5 as rating

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