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Thunder Bay, Ontario - Culinary Destination. WHAT??

In her opinion:

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So I'm heading off to Thunder Bay this evening for work.  Believe me when I say that the Canadian North in winter is not my first choice in destinations (that sounded too much like Anthony Bourdain).  I am, however; going to remain positive! 

Well, as it happens I was on Twitter this morning and just happened to click on a link @shareontario talking about what's hot in Ontario in January.  I stared clicking away and before I knew it I had clicked on Culinary Adventures and to my amazement Thunder Bay was mentioned (okay the gods are trying to tell me something) and that it was considered a culinary destination.  I smirked, no I laughed and then I read on. 

There is a whole package available called Giant Tastes.  I'm impressed. It mentions Gouda (anything with cheese is good), something I've never heard of called Finn Pancakes (I actually found another blog - "I Eat Therefore I Train" - talking about these Thunder Bay specialities), fresh fish, berries and superb chefs (I love superb chefs because that equals superb food). 

*Update - since posting this blog 9 days ago Food Network Canada's "You Gotta Eat Here" visited The Hoito at 314 Bay Street in Thunder Bay. They featured Finn Pancakes plus other local favourites. Amazing. There is definitely a lot more to Thunder Bay culinary scene then I gave them credit for!!!

My past culinary experiences in Thunder Bay have included the introduction to the Persian.  What I would describe as a cinnamon bun with pink icing.  Not a personal favourite but a favourite to many I'm told.  And some very decent food at the Timbers Restaurant at the Valhalla Inn. 

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The famous Persian.

So I guess I need to broaden my culinary way of thinking to include other parts of Ontario (especially the Northern parts).  I guess that I'm just blessed living in South Western Ontario and having my surrounding area filled with culinary wonderment.

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  1. Who knew? Good old White North.....I learned something today! Edgar