Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Papa Joe's Hot Kettle Restaurant

Papa Joe's Hot Kettle Restaurant
2492 Cedar Creek Road
Cambridge, ON  N0B 1E0

This is our Mel's Diner or Cheers Bar, your neighbourhood joint that welcomes you with a warm smile and has your drink of choice on the table before you are done sitting down.

In her opinion:

We've been coming to Papa Joe's for years.  We know most of the staff and have grown to develop relationships with most of the waitresses.  These are hard working girls.  We just love them.  The owners are also always there to greet you with a smile and ask how everyone is doing.  It's a family place and I always feel like family when I dine there.

Papa Joe's is our Sunday breakfast place.  Although, on this occasion we had a late lunch on a snowy Sunday afternoon.  The place was empty...this of course having to do with the weather.  On a Sunday morning the place is usually bustling and at time we have waited up to 15 minutes to get a table. I would say that they have one of the best breakfasts in the area.  Their menu provides a lot of choices for picky or health-conscious eaters.  It mixes Canadian favourites with a few Greek specialities - the owners are Greek after all.

I love their omelets and the "bacon and cheddar omelet" is one of my favourites. This comes with toast and home fries. I also really enjoy their breakfast skillets.  Which is a hash brown mixture with veggies and meat, topped with cheese and your choice of eggs.  Delicious. 

This place is also the closest restaurant near my office so I have ordered lunch to go on several occasions.  The service is fast.  The lunch is always waiting when I get there to pick it up.  I love their western sandwiches and on Fridays they have "hobo soup".  This is a beef vegetable soup that tastes amazing especially on a cold day...it's comfort at it's best.

On this particular Sunday, as I said, we went for lunch.  I ordered their "Patty Melt Burger".  A house made burger with fried onions and cheese on two slices of grilled rye bread.  Awesomeness!

With my burger I ordered the Caesar salad.  This Caesar salad is garlicky, with bacon and croutons.  So good.  It was a very satisfying meal.

I love Papa Joe's.  It's not a fancy place but it is a good place to grab breakfast on the weekends, lunch during the day or supper on a weeknight when you don't want to cook.

I won't write that we'll be back after our last visit...it's just understood that we will...after all, it's just like going home.

In his opinion:

Papa Joe's is undoubtedly a favourite spot of mine and many, especially for breakfast. The usual line-ups of people awaiting for their tables on Sunday mornings attest to the fact that it's in demand and people keep returning for more.

The portions are big, the food is good and the owners and staff make you feel welcome with every visit. It has that "familial" feeling that keeps you coming back over and over again.

Breakfast is really where they excel. A vast menu with many choices including the "lumberjack breakfast" (not for the faint at heart). It is also not the place if you are the calorie counting type but I can assure you that it all tastes good.

On this particular snowy day, we went there for a late lunch, thus avoiding the crowds and as it seems, avoiding any customers at all.

I opted for the "steak sandwich with a house salad and blue cheese dressing". My safe choice turned out to be quite good and flavorful, with the added bonus of a good cut of meat, sometimes hard to find in steak sandwiches.

The good: Awesome for breakfast (bring an appetite) as this place will feed you well.
The bad: Straight forward menu, not a lot of inspirational dishes, mostly what you would expect in a diner type restaurant.
The verdict: One of the best breakfasts in Cambridge (well...Ayr actually) and we always feel like we just arrived at a relatives place when going there, sometimes even better welcomed than at some relatives.

I give it a 3 olives out of 5 as rating

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