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Wacky Wings - Brantford

141 King George Road
Brantford, ON


In her opinion:
I have loved wings since I was a kid and my parents would drive to Niagara Falls, New York to do some shopping. This would inevitably end with the family having lunch at the food court at the Rainbow Mall and an order of the best wings ever. As I grew up, friends introduced me to another Niagara Falls institution - Honey's! Good wings became something that I quickly associated with our friends south of the border...after all, they were called Buffalo style wings! Manny's Wings and Juniors soon showed up. Then our area got Wild Wings and Wings Up! There was no longer the need to drive south of the border to enjoy really really good wings. 

Recently, someone mentioned that Wacky Wings had opened in Brantford...we were in the area and decided to give them a try. Wacky Wings is a family fun zone...there's wings and a video arcade in a huge complex on King George Road. Its clean and new and rather nice.

We were shown to our seats right away and I noticed that it was filled with families celebrating birthdays and other special occasions. We were met by our server who quickly took our drink orders. They serve Coke products so I was a happy girl and ordered my usual diet coke.

After studying the menu, we decided on 3 pounds of bone in wings...that way we could get 3 different flavours to try out and still have wings to bring home. We opted for Medium (the sauce of my youth and my personal favourite), Honey Garlic with Southwest Ranch and finally Smoked Tequila Lime. We also opted on a Taco Supreme Poutine (topped with seasoned ground beef, shredded cheddar cheese, gravy, drizzled with sour cream and green onions).

The wings are crispy and nicely seasoned. The medium are the orange colour of my youth. With just the right amount of zing. The honey garlic with southwest ranch have a nice sweet and smokey favour to them with the cooling affect of the ranch. The smoked tequila lime surprised me a lot...these were really nice. You could get hints of tequila and lime with every bite. Very very good.

The poutine was really good. The fries were fresh and crisp. The seasoned beef was delicious and combined with the cheese, gravy, sour cream and green onion it was perfection. 

We ended up packing up about a pound of wings to take home but we still managed to find room for dessert. You see, I had noticed that they had something called Sweet Campfire Sticks on the dessert menu. Who can go wrong with funnel cake rolled into "campfire sticks" and fried golden brown, tossed in cinnamon sugar and drizzled in caramel sauce and served with whipped cream. In a word...heaven! Warm, delectable bites of sweet dough. Incredible.

Overall, Wacky Wings is a great place for a family occasion or just getting together with friends. The food is great and the atmosphere is fun.

In His Opinion:
This large complex's front door is oddly on the side of the building but you still can't miss it when driving by as the building is quite large. Wacky Wings reminds me a lot of another local institution - Moose Winooskies. Take away the Moose (and Moose related items) and centre your menu around mostly chicken wings and there you have it, a wing fun complex geared for families.

As I stated, this is a large complex and it's separated into 2 main areas, the Playdium Arcade in the back and the eating area in the front. We will centre this post on the very large eating area that spans 2 floors. Below there are a few separate areas, all with accessible large screens in which you can follow any sporting event going on at that moment. There are tables, booths and an area surrounding the bar for a more pub-ish experience if desired.

We sat in one of the booths and were promptly greeted by an attentive waitress. After putting in our drink orders we went on to browse through the wing extensive menu. There are 100 different flavours for the wings and they are separated by their "hotness", starting with the no heat, then up the ladder with mild, medium, hot and you must be crazy (hot)!

The menu is mostly wings but not just wings. There are also burgers, wraps, ribs, salads and a good selection of each of those. On the drink front, there are over 10 beers on draft and the option of having an 80oz team pitcher, complete with pouring spout and all. I ordered a pint of Mill St. Organic to go with my meal.

To start, we ordered a large Taco Supreme Poutine. This plate of poutine comes topped with seasoned ground beef, green onions, gravy, shredded cheddar cheese and topped with drizzled sour cream. The large version is big, feeds easily two and it was delicious at every bite. Highlights are the fresh ground beef and the sour cream that tops it.

For the wings we selected; 1 pound of "Medium" wings, 1 pound of "Honey Garlic with Southwest Ranch" and finally 1 pound of "Smoked Tequila Lime". The Medium were quite good, with a slight bit of hotness but barely detectable. My favourites hands down was the Smoked Tequila Lime wings. They were crisp, well seasoned and left you with that great tequila flavour after taking a bite out of them. I was not a huge fan of the Honey Garlic with Southwest Ranch, something about that flavour that didn't agree with me, maybe because they are so different than the honey garlic that I'm use to.

The wings were quite filling and we ended up having to bring some home for a snack later on. I should add that the wings were served with carrot sticks and blue cheese.

The Good: Great atmosphere and a huge selection of wing flavours, menu selections and beers on tap.
The Bad: A family outing will not come cheap with burgers starting at $11.99, pizzas at $19.99 ($15.99 for the basic) and wings at basically $1 each.
The Verdict: It's a great place for birthday parties, team gatherings or just a good meeting place for wing aficionados. The capacity is almost infinite given the amount of space and the menu caters to practically anyone.

I give it 3 out of 5 Olives as rating

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