Wednesday, 4 September 2013

The Crepe House

2012 Park Street
Port Dover, ON


In her opinion:
Our readers know by now that we really like Food Network's "You Gotta Eat Here" and its fabulous host John any opportunity that we have to eat at one of their featured restaurants we jump on. So when we were in Port Dover for the day and we decided that we had to eat at the Crepe House. We had had lunch elsewhere in town but we still managed to leave room for dessert. And crepes for dessert is a special treat in my opinion.

The Crepe House is a bright yellow restaurant next to the park with a very happening, lively patio which on this particular Sunday had the Atkinson Brothers Band playing live music to entertain the patrons.  We sat on the patio and I ordered a coffee to go with my dessert crepes.

After studying the menu we ordered two crepes to share; "Little Tug" and the "Pirate". Little Tug was a simple crepe with butter, sugar and orange zest. The pirate was a dessert crepe filled with chocolate and banana and topped with chocolate syrup and whipped cream.

I enjoyed both crepes very much. The Pirate crepe was excellent. You can't go wrong with this flavour combo...chocolate and banana is a true classic. Little Tug was almost nostalgic in classic. Just a good tasting crepe with the flavours of the butter, sugar and orange zest shining through. 

I really enjoyed the Crepe House. It serves main course crepes as well as dessert crepes. Its possible to have a complete meal at this restaurant. John Catucci was right when he said "You Gotta Eat Here"! So when you are down in Port Dover stop by and try this little delightful creperie. 

The Pirate.

Little Tug

In his opinion:
As I rounded the corner from Main Street into Park Street in Port Dover, the last thing I expected to find at the Crepe House was an "outdoor nightclub" type of atmosphere, but I was faced such a site for my eyes. What was this? Had the seniors found an outlet for their "replaced hip shaking"? Are classic rock cover bands invading the families eateries in Ontario?

Let's back up a bit and focus on the Crepe House itself. It is a staple in the Port Dover food scene whether you are going there for a meal or just dessert. The space is so appealing and welcoming and attracts people from all over just to try their crepes. Not that long ago they were featured on the show "You Gotta Eat Here" and surely that has helped showcase them to non locals.

The mentioning of the seniors and classic rock cover bands comes as a result of our visit coinciding with live music performances at the Crepe House. During the performance, many of the patrons (mostly seniors oddly enough) got up and were dancing the afternoon away as if we were at Club 54 or something. I watched in disbelief and was both amused and scared, fearing that some of the seniors would hurt parts of their bodies moving to such invigorating music. Before I get to the actual food we experienced at this venue, I'm happy to report that at first glance there doesn't seem to have been any injuries from "the seniors boogie".

Moving on, the crepe selection on the menu is quite extensive and in good weather the option to eat outside is always a welcome one. In between the sing along and clapping for the band, we were able to put an order in for a couple of crepes, serving as dessert from our previous meal at Schofields Bistro.

We ordered 2 crepes, the "Pirate" that consisted of a dessert crepe filled with chocolate, banana and served with whipped cream and chocolate syrup.
This crepe was very good and fresh. It is the type of crepe you wished you could have everyday, minus the calories and guilt that comes with it.
The second crepe, oddly named "Little Tug" was also extremely tasty but much more simpler in its execution and in ingredients. It is simply a crepe with butter, sugar and orange zest but equally delicious.

The Good:Tasty, fresh, full of flavour crepes served in a relaxing and "beachside setting".

The Bad:If you have a kid like ours that doesn't like loud music, refrain from going when the live band is on.
The Verdict: A must stop when in Port Dover to enjoy their famous crepes, have a drink on the patio or if you are lucky you might even see some seniors doing the latest dance craze...from their retirement home.

I give it 3 out of 5 Olives as rating

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