Saturday, 26 January 2013

The Bombay Grill

110 Main Street
Cambridge, Ontario

In her opinion:
Indian cuisine twice in one weekend...there is a foodie god!!! When my better half asked if I wanted to try this new Indian place in downtown Cambridge (Galt section) to blog about it...I was not saying no!

Our readers have probably figured out by now that Tips Are Included! loves Indian cuisine. The exotic spices and flavours speak to us! It make us happy because as our palates progress and our foodie spirits wander we have realized that bland, everyday franchise food is not for us!

Oh yeah, the Bombay Grill...let me get back on track here! The Bombay Grill is a small storefront on Main Street. It has a very good take out menu and that is what we did on this particular Sunday. After checking out their menu we settled on "the Butter Chicken", "Chicken Tikka Masala" and "Beef Kahari". You have a choice of rice, naan, green salad or papadum with each non-vegetable entree. We got two rices and a naan and then just ordered a second naan off the menu.

At first, I thought it was a little expensive for the amount of food we got. The whole thing came to $42.00. But what I needed to realize was that this was not buffet. Once I tasted the food...I again realized that it was so worth the price. The naan bread was excellent. The beef kahari was good. A lot of flavour rolled up in this stew like dish. The chicken tikka masala was excellent. The flavours well balanced and delicious. But the show stopper was the butter chicken. I am not a huge fan of butter chicken...I consider it the safe pick on Indian menus! The thing that non-risk takers pick because their friends made them eat at the Indian restaurant. But...and it's a big but...the butter chicken from the Bombay Grill is to die is well cooked boneless tandoori chicken in a flavourful tomato, cream and butter sauce. This is not fatty, flavourless butter chicken that I have had in the past and turned me off of the stuff for what I thought was forever! So so delectable.

The Bombay Grill is close to home! That I like. It serves really delicious Indian food at reasonable prices! That I also like. But the fact that we have another Indian option to pick from...that I love! Namaste!

In his opinion:
Yep. I know what you are thinking...Indian again! We decided to make it an Indian weekend and it totally worked out. I have driven by this place conveniently located minutes from my house a few times and decided that it was time to try it. We also had someone leave a comment on our Facebook blog page recommending we go and try this place.  Bombay doesn't get any more Indian than that for a restaurant name.

This Bombay grill seems to be affiliated to the Bombay Grill franchise that has locations in Milton, Ajax, Markham and Burlington. Their website makes no mention of a Cambridge location and the Cambridge location's take out menu only mentions one other location. Some marketing confusion and hopefully it's not a case of the battle of the copyright names. I should also mention that this restaurant is fully licensed under LLBO...bonus...Cheeta Beer is awesome!

I walked in to get some take out after extensively browsing their menu online, and the first signs were positive. There were East Indian people eating there (always a true test to ethnic food) so that was a good start. I had placed my order in advance and it was ready as I walked in, so brownie point number two.

The restaurant itself is narrow and long but with adequate seating, although I reckon that take-out will be a big part of their business. The staff was very pleasant and and efficient, seeming generally content with my business.

On to the food. We ordered 3 main dishes to go with our rice and naan bread. It seemed plenty for 2 people, with the leftovers becoming the base for our next days meal. The naan bread was fresh, soft and tasty and so was the rice. The meat dishes were well seasoned and with distinctive tastes (something that doesn't always happen).

I will start with the star dish, the Butter Chicken. I know what you are thinking, non-Indian people always have butter chicken...but we must be consistent in order to properly compare, right?

Anyway, I would go out on a limb to say that this was one of the best I have ever had. The butter chicken sauce was  smooth, creamy and just with the right amount of spice. Kudos to the chicken used, as it was tandoori chicken meat unlike some other places.

The Chicken Tikki Masala was almost equally as good, with a good range of spices and again some good chicken pieces.

The Beef Kahari ended up being the disappointment for me. It was just ok, tasted a bit flavourless. I couldn't taste any yogurt or ginger garlic paste at all in the dish. It just tasted bland but nevertheless, still edible. 

The Good: Great location, very versatile menu with lots of choice and a killer butter chicken dish. 
The Bad: Beef Kahari was a letdown for me, unfortunately.
The Verdict: Lots of selection, friendly staff and location will surely make this place successful. A great choice in Galt's downtown core and a much better choice for Indian then the other existing Indian place which shall not be mentioned.

I give it 3 out of 5 olives as rating

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  1. Thanks for the review!

    it is been a while since I last visited Cambridge. After browsing through your reviews, I am planning for my next visit soon :D
    and yes I ditto that seeing east Indian ppl eating there is a positive sign!

  2. That's great. Thanks for the feedback!

  3. i went to bombay grill for the first time with some friends to de-stress during a long project and had their butter chicken... it was fantastic and i couldn't even finish it all in one go. definitely going there again... it's so nice that good food actually exists in galt :'D

  4. Yes, it actually does...hard to find...but it's there!

  5. I arrived here through the Bombay Grill posting the link on Facebook, so obviously I'm already a fan.
    I adore their food - being a vegetarianish sort, I have only ever ordered the vegetable and paneer dishes on the menu, but each one has been consistently delicious. And Bombay Grill delivers, too! It's good to see them being reviewed.

  6. Glad to hear that their paneer and vegetable dishes are also great...we are not vegetarianish sorts so we don't often go for those dishes. Thanks for the feedback!

  7. Reading your post makes me want to eat an Indian cuisine. Anyhow, the restaurant doesn't look like an Indian resto. It's more like a Mexican restaurant. I usually see Indian chains with yellow-orange-red themes. Nevertheless, the food is what matters the most. I'm glad that you're satisfied with it. There’s also a Bombay Grill here in our town, but it's a one hour drive from our home. Haha!

    Clint Shaff

  8. Thanks. I personally love the Bombay Grill...too bad it's not closer to you.