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The Crazy Canuck

845 Weber Street North
Waterloo, Ontario


Photo courtesy of Waterloo Region Eats

In her opinion:
So here's another one of those places that we found out about through word of mouth. Someone mentioned it Edgar a little while ago and he ventured there a couple of times before convincing me that we should try it.

We tried it out on one of those times where we didn't have a set place in mind. It's awesome. Not fancy. Not expensive. Just awesome. This is Canadian food with a few little twists. 

We arrived at the restaurant just before they closed on a Sunday afternoon. We were greeted by a warm friendly staff that were both engaging and informative. They quickly put everyone at ease and they make you feel welcome.

Edgar and I decided to get a few menu items to share. This allowed us to try a few menu items. We ordered the Buffalo Tuscan Pizza, the Curry Goat Cheese Poutine and the Baked Hot Dog with the soup of the day (Broccoli Cheddar).

Let's just say that I was very very impressed. The Baked Hot Dog was so good. It consisted of a soft baguette with chopped tomatoes, a foot long hot dog, bacon and cheese which is then baked. I love hot dogs...I know...but, I always have and always will. This one was out of this world good. It is served with jalapeno mayo which takes this hot dog from good to extraordinary  It was a gourmet hot dog for sure. The soup which came with it was creamy and delicious. So good.

The Buffalo Tuscan pizza is made fresh. It is exceptionally good pizza. It consists of roasted garlic puree, creamy Buffalo sauce, spinach and spicy chicken. This was one amazing pizza. It even tasted great the next day. I loved the addition of the spinach to the Buffalo style pizza. So good.

Finally, the Curry Goat Cheese Poutine was probably the most interesting. It was the bomb! It consists of fresh-cut fries, delicious British Columbia style curry sauce and goat's cheese. The flavour combination will blow your mind. It is so worth trying.

I loved this place. The album covers on the wall of all these fabulous Canadian bands made it feel so inviting. The decor is great and the food is truly fantastic.  Go and try it. You will not be disappointed.

In his opinion:

Many times our foodie searches takes us far and wide in search of that allusive great meal that is often complemented with great service. We unfortunately have to usually go outside our region to find those gems. Occasionally, there are some places that you come across nearby, and without any expectations, allow yourself to be positively surprised. The Crazy Canuck is such a place.

Started only 6 months ago by a couple of Conestoga College Hospitality Management graduates Jeremy and Freddy, this restaurant is a no frills, down to earth eatery where the food literally does all the talking. The restaurant concept took only 2 weeks from acquiring the property to opening day, a pretty amazing feat.

It is located in North Waterloo, across form the St. Jacobs Market on Weber 
Street North, conveniently just off Highway #85. It's adjacent to the Antique Market and seating is plentiful, especially in good weather where the patio can accommodate almost as many people as the inside. 

The decoration is very "Canuck", with one wall covered in vinyl album covers of legendary Canadian bands, and several Canadian artifacts throughout the restaurant. The coloured tennis balls on the feet of the chairs are also amusing, although not exactly Canadian that I know of.

The Menu: This is where you realize that it's not just your average fries and burgers joint. The menu has a wide range of items, from 7 kinds of poutines to a good selection of vegetarian dishes and also some real good meat options. The pizza options are also very enticing with options like Teriyaki Chicken, Taco Pizza, Old New Yorker and Buffalo Tuscan. Always ensure you look at the additional boards where the daily/weekly specials are depicted.

We decided to get a few items to share and even though the decisions are difficult when staring at all the options on the main , we decided to get the Buffalo Tuscan Pizza, the Curry Goat Cheese Poutine and the Baked Hot Dog.

The Pizza was great, full of flavour and toppings, featuring creamy buffalo sauce, spinach, spicy chicken, roasted garlic puree and cheese medley and feta. Perfect size for sharing and very tasty, these Pizza's are a world apart from your usual take-out places, and deserve your full attention.

The Baked Hot Dog was very good as well. It is a foot long hot dog served in a soft toasted baguette, covered with cheese and bacon and baked all together. The jalapeno mayo that comes as a dip elevates this hot dog to a new height. A must try for hot dog lovers.

The Curry Goat Cheese Poutine is unlike anything that I have ever had in my life. The perfectly hand cut home fries are smothered by BC pub style curry, topped with fresh goat cheese. The combination of flavours leaves you wanting more with each bite, and makes you want to want to try all the other options as well. 

The Good: What a gem of a restaurant, only minutes away from my work, and with a great selection of dishes for every taste. Great tasting food, great prices and a very welcoming atmosphere. 
The Bad: Nothing to report on this front. 
The Verdict: This is the kind of place that you want to support in your community, and that every city wishes they had one. The owners set the tone for the impeccable customer service, the rest of staff is very engaging and the food tells the story of how much thought and care goes into every dish. A truly hidden (but not for long) GEM.

I give it 3 1/2 Olives out of 5 as rating 

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