Monday, 23 April 2012

The Pie Shack

The Pie Shack
2305 Queen Street East
Toronto, Ontario


In her opinion:
It's been a while since I've instantly fallen in love with a place. Well, it happened today (April 21, 2012). As soon as we drove by the Pie Shack, I was instantly intrigued. My brain and stomach instantly reacted. They wanted pie! Actually, they wanted apple pie and a cup of coffee.  

We parked and walked in to pie heaven and were greeted by the owner Tim McConvey.  A very nice gentleman who is both charming and personable all in one. He welcomed us to his very cozy establishment and made us feel right at home.  During our time at the Pie Shack I realized that most of the people in the place were regulars.  Tim knew everyone by their first name.  Places like this are little gems and meant to be treasured.

After examining the selection of pies offered, I decided on what my brain and stomach really wanted...Cinnamon Apple Pie with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and a cup of coffee.

Tim warmed the pie so that it was the perfect temperature. The ice cream was rich and delicious. Not the cheap white stuff often added to pies to make them a la mode. No, this was premium vanilla ice cream. The crust was flaky and light.  Pie crust is something that needs to be mastered and the Pie Shack has mastered their crust. It is pastry perfection.

Cozy window seating area.
As I sat at the Pie Shack in the middle of Saturday afternoon with the sweet scent of pie in the air, I realized that I was perfectly content and happy.  This place and their pie makes a person feel right at home.  It's provides comfort both in their welcoming atmosphere and in their delicious pie!

Love the Pie Shack. Afterall, you should "keep your fork dude, there's pie"! Will definitely return to this slice of heaven!

In his opinion:
The Beaches area of Toronto is one of our favourite places to spend an afternoon in all of Toronto. It's always nicer when the weather is good but still good and charming even when it's a bit colder. As we drove through Queen St East in the Beaches and my wife automatically spotted this place and pie was on her mind from that moment on. When we returned from our little drive down further there was no way we weren't stopping in for some pie.

This place is where rustic meets Provence. Very welcoming and decorated with a mix of rural, bucolic pieces with a French touch including a couple of French chaises. The smell of pie fills the room and enhances the "feel good" atmosphere. It feels like a neighbourhood gem where you would gather with friends and family for some good chat and of course, pie.
Complete with the old style bicycle and doggie "house" for your pets in the front, it's hard to miss it as you walk by or drive by like we did.

The owner Tim makes you feel welcomed as soon as you walk in. His charm and genuine warmth are the perfect match for a place like this, instantly engaging in conversation and caring for all your pie and beverage needs instantly.

After some deliberation in front of "the Pie Heaven" counter, I opted for the Strawberry Cream Pie, with a little help from my wife (the pie queen). The pie slices are 1/4 of the pie and are to put it shortly, deliciously fantastic. I also opted out of the ice cream as all I wanted to taste was the pie itself. Some Chai Tea was the beverage of choice and it is served in a somewhat "High Tea" manner with the owner following up with refills of hot water if needed.

Let me tell you about this pie...the flaky, buttery crust is a pair made in heaven to the creamy, warm fruit-filled filling on these wonderful pies. Every bite brings the fruit flavour out even more and they are heated to the perfect temperature by Tim himself. 1/4 pie slices are $6 and whole pies are $25 and trust me that for this quality of pie, atmosphere and service, it's a bargain. Plus the slices are HUGE!

The place quickly filled with what seemed like locals or usual patrons as the owner knew all of them by name. But it is that kind of place, the kind of place that you make it your "to go" place for dessert after a home meal, an afternoon "snack" for some of us or just the place you go for all your pie cravings at any time of the day. A second location is available in Toronto's West-End on Annette Street and there is talk of a third location to be opened soon by another one of Tim's siblings. 

For your Pie, coffee and tea needs and a wonderful welcoming neighbourly ambiance give the Pie Shack a try, you won't regret it.

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