Sunday 22 April 2012

Holy Chuck Burger

Holy Chuck
1450 Yonge Street
Toronto, ON


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In her opinion:
We decided that today (April 21, 2011) would be a foodie day in Toronto! That means packing in a lunch, dinner and possibly a snack or dessert in between. That's a lot you're thinking...and yes, it can be; but, we don't overdo it at any meal and we manage to survive unscathed!  Today we hit Holy Chuck, the Pie Shack and finally the Fuel House for a smaller dinner.  All three choices were excellent.

Holy Chuck is part of the burger phenomenon of late. The Burger's Priest, Big Smoke Burger and Holy Chuck have changed the lowly burger into a gastronomical pleasure. This is not a Harvey's or McDonald patty.  This is absolute heaven.  I've had both the Burger's Priest and Holy Chuck and although I know they are often compared...I choose not to.

Where some other burger places have secret menus, the menu at Holy Chuck is not secretive. It's up on the wall and basically all out there for the customers perusing. Oh and what a menu! So many burgers and so little time (and stomach space)! Having studied the menu online before the drive to Toronto, I knew exactly what I wanted.

I ordered one of their speciality shakes to start.  The bacon, fudge and sea salt shake was my choice. Wow! When I first read about this shake, I was a little hesitant but the more I thought about it the more I wanted it!

It did not disappointed!  Outstanding. The flavour of smoky bacon, chocolate and sea salt work incredibly well together.  So good. Love it...I could have one now if it wasn't an hour and a bit away!

For my burger choice, I ordered the Mad Cow. This is described as the "Animal Feed (panko crusted portobello mushroom stuffed with feta and cream cheese, deep fried and topped with a lemon and herb aioli) + Jr. Cheeseburger".

This burger was huge. It is a deep fried cheese stuffed portobello mushroom with cream cheese and feta. The feta cheese is not too overpowering and the cream cheese gives the mushroom and burger the right amount of creaminess.  The lemon and herb aioli of Holy Chuck's Mad Cow also speaks for itself! It carries the right amount of acidic punch.  I loved this burger...very very good.  A little too big for me to eat all on my own...but then again...I have my husband to finish my meals!

Speaking of husbands, I took a bite of his "Holy Duck" burger (a single beef patty with double smoked bacon, topped with seared Quebec foie gras, truffle oil and pure Canadian maple syrup). I only have one thing to say - OMG!!! Actually, two things...this burger is Martin Picard worthy!!!  That good.

Holy Chuck is awesome. The food is excellent, the service is extremely efficient and the owner who's on hand to make sure the customers are happy make this place a success.

I love the burger revolution that is taking place of late. It has spoiled my taste buds...regular burgers will no longer suffice! Thank goodness for Little Louie's in Cambridge or I would go nuts.

In his opinion:
In the eternal quest for a great burger, Holy Chuck is without a doubt, a must try for the burger aficionados of Toronto. Well, for a burger aficionado from anywhere really! And  maybe a try and try and try again for most! It will take a few visits to be able to sample the delicacies of their menu and to find your own favourite one.

It has the look of an up-scale burger franchise, the ambiance of a diner and the efficiency and service of a neighbourhood favourite. Johnny, the owner is the face of customer service. Attentive, super friendly and cordial, goes around ensuring everyone is enjoying the experience and loving their food. 

For starters, their milkshakes are insane. I mean insane as in the quality of them and the somewhat "odd" flavours available. Some of the shakes available are Nutella and salted caramel, grandmas apple pie and peanut butter and jelly to name a few. I had the "bacon, fudge and sea salt milkshake and it was great. Smooth and creamy with bacon bits in the mix, it had a distinct flavour but tasted great nevertheless.

After browsing through the extensive burger menu I found myself overwhelmed. So many choices and they all sound better than the last. But by the end it was clear to me that the "Holy Duck burger" was to be my pick for the day. Dubbed as "unreal", it is served with a single beef patty, juicy and melt in your mouth good. It also has double smoked bacon, truffle oil and Canadian maple syrup, but the kicker, or topper in this case are the slices of perfectly seared Quebec foie gras. For those of you aware of the concept of a "foodgasm", this is as good as it gets. The burger melts in your mouth and the foie gras adds perfectly to the beef patty for an amazing combination. At $24.99 it is by far the most expensive burger on the menu at Holy Chuck's but well worth the money if you ask me.

Another point worth mentioning are the fries. They are very tasty, crisp and full of flavour because of their seasoning. Note to mention that the fries came complementary from Johnny, that again was going above his owner status and ensuring I had a pairing experience for my foie. Thanks Johnny by the way!
Another great feature is the "Challenge Burger" where they have a challenge for you to finish an insanely portioned meal to get it free, and get your picture on the wall of fame. You also have to finish a shake and the burger in question  is an 8 patty burger, resembling the Tower of Pisa and requiring a dislocating jaw just to attempt a bite. The twist is that if you can't finish it in time, your picture will end up in the "Wall of Shame", so be careful of what you wish! 

Overall, a great burger place with lots of selection, ample seating and friendly staff. Highly recommend it, especially if you are a burger lover and also if you are a food adventurer. Make sure to say hi to Johnny when you are there because undoubtedly he will add to your experience at Holy Chuck.

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