Wednesday, 7 October 2015

L'Oustau de la Mar

20 Quai des Baux
13260 Cassis,

In her opinion:
Cassis is a gorgerous sideside commune on the Mediterranean, not far from Marseille. It is famous for its cliffs and calanques (sheltered inlets). I really enjoyed had the charm of St. Tropez or Cannes without the million tourists. After our boat tour of the calanques we decided to grab lunch.  

The problem then becomes where? If you actually want to call standing on a gorgeous port in Provence debating where to have lunch a problem! After walking around a little bit we opted for L'Oustau de la Mar. It was filled with locals and tourist so we decided that was a good choice.

I started with a glass of local rose wine. 

The south of France has a lot of good roses to pick from and this one did not disappoint. A nice refreshing wine that accompanied my food choices perfectly.

For my appetizer, I choice the "Terrine de Poisson". This consisted of a lovely salmon, shrimp, tomato and zucchini salad combined in an olive oil vinaigrette and formed in a small cup. It was served with a gorgeously dressed green salad.

This was lovely. The seafood salad was very fresh and a nice start to the meal. The salad was excellent with a very nice dressing which was not overpowering. Very nice appetizer.

For my main, I choose the Filet de Loup (seabass filet). This was served with sauteed vegetables and olive oil mashed potatoes.

Let me start by saying you can not go wrong with choosing a fish dish anywhere on the Mediterranean. This fish was pan fried and cooked perfectly. It was flaky and moist and really well seasoned. The saute vegetables were excellent as well. The highlight of the sides was the olive oil mashed potatoes. So flavourful and delicious. Just excellent. 

I had no room left for dessert (Hey, I'm in the South of France...patisseries and gelato places are everywhere. No need to commit to just one place). Overall, a really lovely lunch in a magical location.

In his opinion:

What Edgar ate and saw.

Terrine de Courgettes au Chevre frais et a la menthe.

Piece de boeuf, pommes de terres saute et melange de jeunes pousses.

Edgar gives L'Oustau de la Mar a 3.5 out of 5 Olives rating.

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